Hatters boss: Sheehan might not continue in '˜modern day' full back role

Hatters boss Nathan Jones admitted that Alan Sheehan's conversion to a left back might only be a fleeting one.

Thursday, 3rd November 2016, 4:26 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:01 pm
Alan Sheehan in action at left back against Notts County

The 30-year-old was back in a once familiar role he occupied earlier in his career when Town visited his former side Notts County at the weekend, with Dan Potts missing out.

However, when asked if it’s something he will continue with, boss Jones wasn’t sure that would be the case, especially with deadline day signing Jack Senior available again.

He said: “We played him for different reasons for and he did well, whether he stays there is another thing because he was brought here as a left sided centre half, he’s key to how we play, so we’ll go from there.

“We need that kind of modern day full back when you play that kind of shape (diamond).

“Football lends itself to that at the minute, but we want that modern day footballer and modern day full back.

“Sheez has got wonderful quality, in the four full backs who we class as our full backs, we have a real fitness level and a desire to do well.

“It’s not just Sheehan who’s competition, we’ve got Jack Senior back and he’s flying, absolutely flying, so we have three in that position.

“Sheehan, and he knows it, is not the type of full back that I want because I want one that’s going to be 100 miles an hour up and down, week in week out.

“That’s not Sheez anymore, he used to be that, and he knows why he’s here, but that’s not saying anything to take detrimentally.

“We have the two here who are competing and competing very, very well.

“Everyone knows that, so if anyone doesn’t play very well, then we have others that want to.”

On why he opted to make the switch against County, Jones continued: “Without giving too much away tactically, when I’ve watched Notts County before, there were big spaces between the back three or back four and their midfield four.

“Sheehan’s as good as we’ve got at delivering into people, as it was, Notts County sat off us and condensed all that space so it was a gamble that probably we didn’t need to have made.

“But we can’t second guess what teams are going to do against us, only what they do prior.

“He did very well in the game, we kept a clean sheet which was something we wanted to do away from home, so tactically it worked, we’re just a bit disappointed we didn’t capitalise on one of our chances.”

Jones went on to admit he doesn’t have a first-choice 11 this season too, particularly in the four midfielders he selects too, adding: “We haven’t got a set 11, I think we’ve assembled a squad that we’re very pleased with, that at any point, if someone has to come out, the competition is fierce.

“Both right backs are competing, both left backs and then Sheehan on top are competing.

“Tour centre halves and Frankie Musonda on top of that, two defensive midfielders, we’ve got so many options to play in there, there won’t be a settled four who play every week.

“When people win and are in good form then they will play, but it’s not as if, okay we’re dropping you.

“We might need to freshen stuff up and the levels we train at and the personnel we have, we have a strong squad and we will use that.

“We don’t rotate and just change willy nilly for the sake of it, when it’s right to freshen up we do and if its not, then we’ll continue.”