Hatters boss stays '˜squeaky clean' amidst Telegraph allegations

Luton boss Nathan JonesLuton boss Nathan Jones
Luton boss Nathan Jones
Hatters boss Nathan Jones didn't want to get drawn into commenting on the allegations that are threatening to rock English football.

The Daily Telegraph is currently publishing a number of exposes that have led to Sam Allardyce losing his job as England manager, while Barnsley assistant boss Tommy Wright was also sacked over claims he took money for trying to engineer certain transfers.

QPR boss Jimmy-Floyd Hasseilbank and Southampton assistant manager Kenny Black have also had allegations made against them this week and when asked for his view, Jones said: “I’ve tried to keep myself as squeaky clean as I possibly can and that’s all I worry about.

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“It’s a bit of a traumatic time at the minute for English football and hopefully these allegations don’t prove to be true, but you never know.

“I haven’t got enough information at the minute to be able to comment and to make an educated opinion on it, so I’ll keep my mouth shut on that one.”