Hatters could extend further contracts soon

Luton Town boss Nathan Jones admitted there might be further contract news on the horizon at Kenilworth Road.

Friday, 23rd December 2016, 7:19 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:20 pm
Luton boss Nathan Jones

With James Justin and Isaac Vassell following captain Scott Cuthbert’s lead in extending their deals last week, the club could be about to tie up the futures of other members of their squad too.

When asked if he was expecting to announce any more extensions at his press conference this afternoon, Jones said: “We’re looking to make sure that we’re covered on all areas and so on.

“We could have some news, but rather than just speak out of turn here, when we get it, we’ll give it to you first hand.

“But we’ve got the majority of our group tied down, and we’re in a good place that way.

“We’re a proactive club, so anyone that we feel needs to be looked after or needs to be secured, we do that, and the club are excellent in doing that.

“It’s not just my recommendations, they’re already thinking ahead, so we won’t be left open with anyone I can guarantee that.”

Jones believes it’s important to make sure that the club are on top of the contract situation to guard against losing some of their brightest prospects in the future.

He continued: “We’ve got no players really that are in a position where we’re fearful in terms of that.

“Now what we want from players as well, is not just to hand out contracts. Everyone has to keep earning those, but we want continuity, we don’t want to be having a massive overhaul and change around of players.

“We want that continuity, so by making sure that the ones we know we’re going to move forward with are under contract, and then the others stay hungry and do it.

“As I don’t envisage there being many changes in January or even June or July because there’s a real good group and what we want is everyone to stay hungry to compete and keep improving.”

On the contracts agreed recently, Jones added: “With Scotty last week and the two this week, the club have been very very proactive in making sure we’re tying up our important assets.

“So we’ve not it left late to leave ourselves open in any way and I appreciate all the support I get from the board and the club in that.

“But we’ve been proactive in taking up Isaac’s option and rewarding him because of the work hes done and then James is a fine young player.

“He’s been given an opportunity and taken it with both hands, so we’re delighted.”