Hatters fans brought a tear to Luton boss Jones' eye at Hillsborough

An emotional Hatters boss Nathan Jones revealed he was close to tears when saluting the Luton fans who cheered his side on at Hillsborough on Saturday.

Monday, 7th January 2019, 10:58 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 2:35 pm
Luton boss Nathan Jones salutes Town's travelling fans at the final whistle

The visiting fans numbered a marvellous 4,219 in an overall gate of 16,974, as they outsung their hosts throughout the tie.

Jones and his players went over as one after the full time whistle, and on the away supporters in attendance, the Town chief said: “I think our performance silenced them (home fans), it was only disgruntled things I heard in the ground, which shows an away side has come in and done well.

“The fans were absolutely brilliant, it brought a tear to my eye at the end, and quite an emotional day, as it was a test for us.

“We preach that, we say 'we’re going to be this, we want to be that,' so then when tests come up, it’s nice to come through.

“This time last year we went to Newcastle, not expecting to win, but we weren’t expecting to lose.

"Then we’ve come here with exactly the same attitude and that for me shows me we’re in a wonderful place.”

Striker Danny Hylton also spoke highly of the followers, saying: “They were fantastic and they always are.

“They travel everywhere and they always support us.

"They’re loud and they’re proud and they push us on, they really do.

"It's just a shame we couldn’t get a goal for them, but they'll be 10,000 of them at Kenilworth Road whenever the replay is and we’ll try to give them something to cheer.”

Meanwhile, on the visiting support, keeper James Shea added: “Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

"I could hear them through the whole 90 minutes, even when I was down the far end, they were unbelievable.

"To be fair, we get that every week home and away, so it doesn’t surprise me.

"They travelled in great numbers and they were fantastic.”