Hatters not expecting Power Court answer until February at the earliest

Luton Town aren't expecting to hear whether planning permission has been granted for their new ground at Power Court until February at the earliest.

Monday, 12th December 2016, 10:21 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:38 pm

The Hatters took another significant step in their plans to build a 17,500 stadium on the derelict site last week after agreeing to buy the land from British Land, with the deal finalised on Friday.

Chief executive Gary Sweet knows this doesn’t mean success for their wishes to build a new ground, plus the mixed use scheme at Newlands Park, though, as writing in his programme notes at the weekend, he said: “Owning the land doesn’t mean that planning permission has been granted yet, of course - that process is currently subject to the continued scrutiny by development control and our continued provision of technical clarification.

“Owning both key sites, however, provide more clarity over any delivery and viability issues they may have.

“In contrast to some plans, we have both the ownership of the land and the finances required in place to turn drawings and projections into reality.

“It’s pertinent to mention that the level of detail contained in our applications means we all need to be patient while a robust assessment is made in isolation.

“Realistically we don’t expect to know the outcome until February or later.

“Nonetheless, purchasing Power Court is a major, major step forward and takes the amount of land in our control to over 70 acres.

“That includes the Newlands Park site at Junction 10 and The Brache, our new training ground location, which is on a long-term lease with a purchase option in our favour.”

Sweet was also quick to thank the club’s stakeholders for putting up the money in which to secure the land, plus the Luton supporters for their unwavering support towards the project as well, adding: “All of this represents a massive investment which shows the level of ambition that the 2020 directors have for our football club.

“The sum committed so far is the equivalent of over 30 years’ worth of season ticket sales at current levels.

“The stupendous generosity of the club’s key stakeholders - those club directors - and the hard work, dedication and diligence of the team working on this complex project aren’t the only factors in bringing our vision for the future of LTFC to life though.

“You and every fan have an essential part to play. We’ve already seen an unprecedented level of emails and letter to LBC in favour of our plays, nearly 11,00 of you have made your voices heard (with less than ½ % objecting).

“Please don’t underestimate the importance of such fantastic support.”