Hylton: No real risk in penalty strategy

Danny Hylton scores from the spot against MansfieldDanny Hylton scores from the spot against Mansfield
Danny Hylton scores from the spot against Mansfield
Hatters striker Danny Hylton didn't think his chipped penalty against Mansfield Town on Monday was a risky strategy in the slightest.

The forward showed great skill to lift his spotkick over the diving Stags keeper Jake Kean, the third time he has succeeded with such an attempt, utilising the same technique against Exeter and Yeovil.

Speaking afterwards, Hylton said: “Not many keepers will stand there, because if you don’t go down the middle and go either side, you look stupid for standing there.

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“You can’t lose as a keeper. You know if you dive and it goes in, you can’t really do much. If you stand still and it goes in, people will say what’s he doing standing still?

“So if they want to take the risk and stand still, let them take the risk, but I won’t go down the middle then.”

Taking a penalty in such an audacious manner wasn’t just a spur of the moment decision for Hylton either as he added: “I make my mind up days before, so whenever we go back in and train I’ll tell myself, next time we get a penalty, I’m going to do this, so there’s no grey area.

“I know what I’m going to do on the next penalty, and then at least if I miss or it’s saved, it wasn’t because I changed my mind last minute.

“So I make my mind up where I’m going to go next time and then try and put it in that place as best I can.”