Luton chief feels Town have made the most of international break

Luton boss Graeme Jones insists his side have used the international break wisely as they look to continue their excellent run of form at QPR this afternoon.

Saturday, 14th September 2019, 10:30 am
Luton boss Graeme Jones

The Hatters went into their weekend off on the back of three wins from three, with Jones admitting that despite having had eight games in August, he would happily have kept on playing.

Although James Collins, Simon Sluga and Luke Bolton were away with their respective countries, the Town chief used the time to get plenty of training into the rest of the squad.

He said: “We’ve had some really, really good work, seven sessions now.

“I’ve had lots of international breaks, so I think the truth is in the early years, we made some mistakes.

“It’s getting the balance right between giving people time off and them not de-training and I know we’ve got that balance right, as we’ve been through it for such a long time.

“I feel like we’re refreshed mentally and physically and I looking at the boys, I’m really pleased with the balance.

“We had a really intense period that we managed to come through, so I think it was a good reward for them having a little bit of time off.

“Not too much though as we’ve certainly worked this international break and I think we’ll get adaptation because of it.

“But the flip side is that if we could have kept playing, I would have.

“That would have been my choice as we were in a good moment but as I’ve said previously, we don’t make the fixtures, so it’s been interesting.”

On how Jones used his own time away from the club, he continued: “I did what the boys did, I had a few days to myself and then I refreshed.

“As I think since June 21st I had one day when I didn’t think about football and it was good for me as well as I wanted to reflect on 10 weeks work in every facet of the club.

“I think you can measure things at that point, we know what we need to improve, what we need to be consistent with, what we need to stick with.

“I think these periods can be really, really good for different reasons, it’s just what you do with it.”

Although Jones was eager to look back at how things have gone since taking over in the summer, he knows what Town have achieved so far this term is firmly in the past now, adding: “Even through the difficult times as we weren’t winning games, you have to have a level-headed assessment of what’s going on and I think between the staff, myself and the players, we did.

“We grew every game, to the point where we won the last three, but you know football, that means nothing.

“It’s what we do on Saturday, as you’re only as good as your next game, not your last game, so we need to be ready for Saturday.

“You can have a few days to reflect and think and then your attention quickly turns to the next one and that’s what we’ve been working towards in the next 10 days.”