Town chief can’t wait to get his players back for pre-season training

Luton boss Graeme Jones can’t wait to finally get out on the grass with his squad of players when the Hatters return to pre-season training this week.

By Mike Simmonds
Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 7:57 pm
Luton boss Graeme Jones
Luton boss Graeme Jones

The Town chief officially took over last month just as Luton’s heroes were flying out to Las Vegas to celebrate winning the League One title.

It is only now that he will get to see them up close and personal though, after they have been put through their paces individually first.

Speaking about what the Hatters squad can expect to face at the Brache this week, Jones said: “There is body fat testing, power testing, and they’ll be getting tested with a 1,500 metre run.

"So we’ll have a good idea with the information by the end of the three days of where they are, what kind of shape they’ve come back in.

“You can tell immediately whether they’ve had a good summer or a sensible summer.

“Then we are going to work as a group on Friday – and I feel by that point – after I’ve had all my individual meetings with everybody, that at least I can introduce myself and say ‘hi’, because I feel like I’ve been at the club for six months and not met anybody!

“I’ll speak to the players on Friday, we’ll have a group session together and at that point, everybody knows exactly where they are.

“Hopefully there’s a bit of familiarity and it’s onwards and upwards from that point.

“I think it’s a great week, and what I want from it is for the players to have two sessions – an individual session which is not easy, and like I said, we’ll find out a lot of information.

“Then we’ll have a group session on Friday which will test them.

“They’ll certainly earn any time they get off over the weekend, but I’m looking forward to it.”