Jones confirms Luton voted against early transfer window closure

Hatters boss Nathan Jones confirmed that Luton were one of the teams to vote against the transfer window closing earlier next season.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 10th March 2018, 9:01 am
Updated Saturday, 10th March 2018, 9:14 am
Hatters boss Nathan Jones
Hatters boss Nathan Jones

The EFL announced last month that, after a vote by its members, the transfer deadline will now be on Thursday, August 9, rather than go on until the final day of the month.

Luton could still sign players on loan up until August 31, and have an option in place to agree a permanent deal once the new window opens, but Jones said: “It’s a tricky one really, because for us, it wouldn’t make too much difference as we do a lot of our business early and we’re very organised with that.

“It just means that if we shut the same time as the Premier League, sometimes things come available later on, because of the Premier League shutting.

“It’s a mixed one, I think as a club we voted against it, because we would liked to have kept it open a little bit longer and given us some options.

“But the good thing is we do tend to do our business early and we have our house in order very quickly and we’re organised on that kind of thing.

“I don’t think it will massively impact on us, but it probably would be nice if it was open a little bit longer.”

Meanwhile, on the new guidelines about playing full strength teams in the final weeks of the season to avoid harming clubs going for promotion or trying to avoid relegation, Jones added: “That wouldn’t affect anything we do, because I’ve never picked a weakened side late on.

“I know why people do that, so that’s a decent rule anyway.”