Jones eager to get cracking as Luton return for pre-season

Hatters boss Nathan Jones was raring to go once more after welcoming his squad back for pre-season training this morning.

Wednesday, 27th June 2018, 6:24 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:58 pm
Hatters boss Nathan Jones

The Luton players went through fitness tests at the University of Bedfordshire before heading to the Brache to be put through their paces by the coaching staff.

On getting going once more, Jones said: “It’s been quite a long break. We’re delighted it was a long break and it wasn’t extended by any way, shape or form, but it’s a long time and you’re raring to go, once you’ve had your holiday and recharged your batteries.

“You just need that focus, need that routine back and we’ve got that now, so we’re looking forward to it.”

With Jones well known for his thorough attention to detail, then he already had the next five weeks planned out for his players.

He continued: “Certain sessions change as we go on, we react to certain games, but everything’s done, especially the physical, or what type of session we’re doing, then details gets added as we go along.

“For the next eight days, we’ve planned exactly what we’re doing, day in and day out, and then as we move into the trip (to Slovenia) and the games, then we tweak things accordingly.

“We’re very, very meticulous in how we plan, we use a template which serves us well, myself and Jared (Roberts-Smith) plan that, we’ve worked together for a number of years, so we do that and it’s a good time.”

Jones did believe that the methods used has altered greatly since he was a player, saying: “It’s changed massively.

“Look, the fundamentals are exactly the same, you’ve got to get fit, you’ve got to try and build your fitness up to give you something that will allow you to make it for the full season.

“But it’s a lot more scientific now, a lot more structured in certain things, a lot less crazy runs and stuff.

“We’re big on sports science here as a lot of clubs are and it‘s the right way.

“I was a very fit individual, I loved just running, but I think if I’d had someone who was considerably more educated than myself, then it would have benefitted me.

“It’s more about using the five weeks to get as fit as you can as safe as you can and then arriving at the first game of the season with maximum availability.”

The Luton chief anticipated his players would be in fine fettle after their break too, adding: “We’ve got a very fit, professional group.

“We did not so much warn them, but advise them to come back in exceptional shape and things have changed now, gone are the days when people use pre-season to lose a stone.

“They’ll be good, they’ll be fit, they’ll be ready to go. We’ve got a good, fit group anyway, so I don’t imagine we’ll have any issues there.”