Jones slams Pompey fans for booing McGeehan

Luton chief Nathan Jones slammed Portsmouth's supporters for booing Cameron McGeehan after he was stretchered off with a broken leg at Fratton Park this afternoon.

Cameron McGeehan receives treatment for his broken leg at Fratton Park
Cameron McGeehan receives treatment for his broken leg at Fratton Park

Town’s goalscoring midfielder was injured in a challenge with the home side’s Michael Doyle and needed lengthy treatment in which he was jeered mercilessly by Pompey’s fans.

Speaking afterwards, Jones said: “One thing I will say, Portsmouth fans showed no class whatsoever, absolutely no class.

“That was an absolute disgrace. The kid’s a young boy, he’s a wonderful talent, he works hard every day and it’s a bad injury and Portsmouth fans shows what they’re about.

“An absolute disgrace in how they reacted, showed absolutely no class whatsoever.”

Pompey assistant Leam Richardson somehow tried to claim he didn’t hear the reaction from the home supporters afterwards, while skipper Scott Cuthbert continued: “I think they’re sitting up there they maybe don’t know the situation.

“When you see a young kid and he’s getting strapped up and stretchered off it’s obviously not a good sign.

“So you’re wanting a bit of respect, give him a clap off as he’s obviously done himself some serious damage.

“But they don’t know what’s going on on the pitch.”

To make matters worse, McGeehan was booked by referee Tim Robinson while receiving treatment after pounding the floor in frustration.

When asked for his view, Cuthbert said: “He decided Cam was lying there with a broken leg to book him, I don’t know why, you need to ask him about that.

“I don’t know if there was a problem with the stretcher, that’s what I heard. Cam’s broken his leg, he’s frustrated, you need to ask the ref why he booked him.”

Jones added: “I think it was his reaction after, I don’t know, but surely an element of empathy or compassion has to be shown.”