Jones thanks Hatters' board for their backing on deadline day

Hatters boss Nathan Jones has thanked the club's board for their financial support during last Wednesday's transfer deadline day.

Hatters boss Nathan Jones
Hatters boss Nathan Jones

The Luton chief was able to fork out undisclosed fees for Liverpool defender Lloyd Jones and Plymouth Argyle striker Jake Jervis, while also taking Flynn Downes on loan until the end of the season too.

Speaking about the backing he has received during the window just gone and his time at Kenilworth Road, Jones said: “I work closely with the board and especially Gary (Sweet, chief executive) on things that we do.

“We stipulate to them that we don’t really sign many journeyman.

“Maybe one or two, we’ve signed a little bit of experience, but what we try and sign are assets that one, are already assets, and two, that we can make better.

“Now everyone that comes into our environment that we’ve paid fees for, we feel we’ve enhanced their value from being here, so it’s an investment we feel from the board.

“We get backed, but we do genuinely believe it’s an investment because people, like Jack Stacey, James Justin, Harry Cornick, Danny Hylton, Luke Berry, James Collins, all these, Luke Gambin, who have come into our environment, and those are the ones we’ve paid money for, have increased in value.

“They’ve backed me once again though.

“We asked for certain things, we gave them options, ones that we could probably get for nothing and ones that we have to pay fees for and so on.

“We arrange the package and what are the pros and cons of each one are and then the board will say, ‘okay, do that, or maybe do that one this time’, or whatever it is.

“So it’s a good relationship we have, but it’s a real structure to how we recruit and that’s the key.

“It’s not sporadic improvement, it’s a real structured one and we give the board options as well that we think will increase if we invest this much and at the minute, our record isn’t too bad.”

Jones felt the new additions were vital as well to ensure that Luton had the squad in place to maintain their push for promotion to League One after being hit by a number of absentees in recent weeks and months.

He added: “We’ve picked up big injuries.

“I don’t think there’s many teams that could suffer having their most aggressive centre half (Scott Cuthbert), their principal central midfield player (Alan McCormack), possibly the league’s best player in Danny Hylton, we’ve had three big ones (out).

“We’ve got Luke Gambin out, so we’ve had big injuries and some of them have been long term and that’s the frustrating thing.

“We’ve done that so if they don’t recover, then we’ve still got that impetus until they do get back.

“Now they’re all on the road to recovery, we’ll have some dilemmas if they all get back fit, but what we’ve done is we’ve just strengthened to replace what we were missing.

“Because we were quite happy if no-one has an injury, and then we just go to the end of the season, but we did.

“So we’ve given ourselves that push and I thank the board and thank Gary Sweet for that, because it’s important we did that.

“There’s no passengers here, or fillers, we need a group that can play and can start and can work and they are that.

“I feel we had an excellent group anyway, and it’s just got a little bit stronger.”