Jones unsurprised by Stanley's superb start to the season

Luton boss Nathan Jones hasn't been surprised in the slightest by Accrington Stanley's superb start to the season.

Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 10:58 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 11:05 am
Accrington Stanley's Sean McConville celebrates in front of the Hatters' dugout last season

After coming up with the Hatters last term, John Coleman’s side had been tipped to go straight back down, but instead they have been in excellent form, sitting fourth in the table, just one point off Peterborough in second spot.

They won 1-0 at the Posh on Saturday to make it five victories out of six league games, but when asked if he was taken aback by their lofty position in the table, Jones said: No, not really at all.

“I think people just always mention about little old Accrington, but they’re actually a good team.

“They’ve got good players, they’ve got a good coaching staff, they have a structure that they play to, they very rarely change, players know it, they’ve actually got good players that want to work hard, want to play for the club, so what more do you want as a manager?

“They’re a good side, he’s (Coleman) doing a great job, I don’t think they’re over-achieving in any way, because they’ve got real continuity.

“They’ve won so many games 1-0 that shows that defensively they’re very good, and they’ve still got goals, got that balance, they’re a very good side, so it’s not surprised me in any way, shape or form.

“Unless you actually look at them week in week out, then you look at the fact that they are classed as little old Accrington, you look deeper you know that they’re a very good football club with good things right throughout them.

"I can say a load of their stats and I can wax lyrical about them, but they’re a good side, and it will be a tough test.

"But Walsall were a tough test and others have come here and are a tough test, so we’ve got to take confidence from that, as we’re a good side as well.

"They’re always tight games, I think we’ve had one where towards the end of the season we won 4-0 up there, but apart from that games have been really tight since I’ve come here.

"Even when they were flying and I first came here, it was a 1-0, it was a real tight game, and we won here the year before 1-0, so it’s tight, tight games.

"We know it’s going to be margins and we’ve got to make sure we’re on the right side of those.”

Striker Billy Kee has begun the season with a bang too, scoring six goals, to top the club's scoring charts along with Sean McConville.

On the danger of the former Mansfield and Burton attacker, who found the net 26 times last term, Jones continued: “They have the same threats, what people don’t realise is they’ve got real continuity.

“They have to sell one, but they bring another one in that’s like for like, they recruit for philosophy, their recruitment’s very good, they’re a good side, they’re a good squad and they do good things.

“They’ve got Billy Kee who’s a perennial goalscorer at whatever level, McConville’s a good player, they have other players, as they don’t make massive changes.

"They lose one or two invariably because of the work they do and they just replace them well.”

Meanwhile, Jones didn’t think that McConville will get any different reception from the Hatters, despite goading the Luton dugout after scoring Stanley’s opening goal in the 2-1 win at Kenilworth Road last season.

He added: “They celebrated because it was a big win for them and rightly so, it was, it catapulted them to win the league.

"Whatever he gets from other people, fine, but he’s a good player, who’s in very, very good form.

"He scored at the level below, now he’s showed he can score at this level.

"All we have to make sure is he doesn’t score against us, but there’s others that celebrated as much, I’ve probably done that as a payer, I’m very passionate as a manager, so there's nothing wrong with that.”