Jones wants to accept compliments after a victory

Hatters boss Nathan Jones is happy to receive more compliments from opposing managers, but only after his team have emerged victorious.

Saturday, 15th September 2018, 10:47 am
Updated Saturday, 15th September 2018, 10:53 am
Hatters boss Nathan Jones

After Town’s trip to Doncaster last weekend, home boss Grant McCann, who had already taken on Portsmouth and Peterborough, labelled Luton as the ‘best’ side he had come up against.

However, the points stayed at the Keepmoat Stadium with Rovers triumphing 2-1, the third away defeat already for Jones’ team, as on the high praise, he said: “It is a compliment as it’s nice to know, but quite honestly Portsmouth said the same, so did Sunderland, so we know we have a certain element about us that makes us a very good side.

“It’s just, I’d rather last year when people were saying ‘they were by far better than us’ when we’d beaten them four or five nil.

“So I’d prefer that because as long as we know in our own camp how good we are, or what we need to do right, or what we’re doing right and what we need to do better, then that’s the main thing.

"But of course it is (good to hear), and we were excellent on the day.”

When speaking to the press afterwards, Jones conceded he had suffered a ‘tough week’ in the build-up to the fixture and elaborating on what he meant, the Luton chief continued: “It had been a tough week in terms of a few things around here that are trying.

“Obviously we lost Harty (Paul Hart to Notts County) for one and certain other things.

“We had to get past the transfer window and so on, where we’re constantly having to work, to one, fend off people, but also to improve the squad.

“Now it’s settled down a bit, hopefully now it will settle down a little bit and we’ll go from there.”

Hatters had fallen behind early on in both halves during the contest, as they trailed for a sixth time out of seven league matches, but Jones won't be harping on about it to his players.

He added: "We’ve not made a big thing of it as we go behind, but we bounce back very well.

"We have to make sure we don’t give those early goals away though, because it’s giving ourselves a little bit of a mountain to climb to win games and that’s the problem.

"Now at home, we haven’t had too much of a problem, as we have managed to score more than the opposition, it’s just away from home really that we have to address it.

"Now it’s not a structural thing, it’s more certain little things that we need to address, individuals need to address and then we can go from there.

"Overall our performances have been very good, so I’m happy with them, it’s just the minor things really.

"If we were gaining lucky wins, but our performances levels were nowhere near, I’d be slightly more concerned, so I’m pleased with our overall performance.

"It’s just both boxes we could probably be slightly better in, and if we were then we’ll get the right results."