Jones would love Hatters to remain ahead of Man City as the country's top scorers

Hatters celebrate yet another goal going in an opposition net this seasonHatters celebrate yet another goal going in an opposition net this season
Hatters celebrate yet another goal going in an opposition net this season
Hatters boss Nathan Jones would be overjoyed to see his side to remain one step ahead of Premier League leaders Manchester City as the country's top scorers this season.

Tuesday night’s 4-0 win over West Ham United U21s in the Checkatrade Trophy, made it 63 goals in all competitions for Luton already this season.

Although Town have played 27 games to City’s 23, it’s still an unbelievable achievement for the Hatters, and a feat they have worked tirelessly to bring to fruition, as Jones said: “We don’t compare ourselves to Man City, they’re on a different planet to us in terms of many things, but we’re very proud to be the top scorers in the country.

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“That’s something which we work on, something that we want to keep doing, we’re a positive side and that’s fine.

“If it means we keep pushing Man City, I don’t think Man City’s goals are going to dry up, so if we can stay a goal ahead of Man City for the rest of the season I’m sure we’ll be in a good place.

“We’ve scored seven twice, scored eight, fours, fives, threes, so we are an attacking side.

“We do set out to score goals and we believe we’re a good attacking side, regardless of what other people might say in post match press conferences and so on, we look to score goals, we test teams, I know that for a fact and it’s a real good thing.

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“I know the press make a big thing but we never compare ourselves with anyone else, we want to be Luton, we want to blaze our own trail if you like, it’s good to be mentioned in the same breath as those, but we don’t pay too much attention.”

What makes Town’s achievements even more impressive is that they haven’t scored in seven of their matches this season, just over 25% in fact, whereas City have gone one game without netting, making it just 20 fixtures for Luton's haul, compared to 22 for Pep Guardiola's side.

On that stat, Jones continued: “I think some games you don’t score in and some of the games we haven’t scored in are against good teams.

“Ipswich, Swindon and Coventry, two of those games we went down to 10 men, the other games, it's just part and parcel of it.

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"It shows there’s room for improvement, if we’re not scoring in 30 per cent of our games, but we’re scoring a load in 70 per cent.

“We’ve got real good strikers, real good front men, real good attacking players."

Meanwhile, the most pleasing thing for Town's chief was that despite making 11 changes during midweek's clash with the Hammters, it didn't prevent his side staying at the top of the charts, as he added: "I think the stat that someone mentioned which was a bit more interesting is we’ve scored nine goals this week, nine different scorers.

"So that’s a real positive as well, because it shows we’ve played two different 11s, two similar outcomes and two well deserved victories, against both the sides.

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“Regardless of what anyone says, we were comfortable in both games and we should have won both by more not less.

"Nothing flattered us and if anyone wants to say otherwise, then I’m willing to sit down with the videos and check as we missed some chances we normally would score.

"We got fortuitous with one goal in terms of late on, but that’s from stuff we would have asked them to do as well.

"So we’re a positive side, I’m very proud of our attacking record and I just hope that continues.”