Lee always felt wonder strike was possible

Hatters midfielder Olly Lee had always thought he was capable of scoring the wonder strike he netted from inside his own half against Cambridge United yesterday.

Sunday, 19th November 2017, 8:46 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:52 am
Olly Lee lets fly from inside his own half to score for Luton against Cambridge

With half an hour on the clock and Luton leading 1-0, the 26-year-old intercepted the ball a good five yards away from the centre circle.

A quick look up saw keeper David Forde off his line, but what happened next was as boss Nathan Jones called it, from another planet, as Lee unleashed a simply outrageous effort that flew over the back-pedalling stopper and into the net.

It’s something Lee has eyed up before though and felt he could manage it before his playing days were out, as describing his goal, he said: “It was all right wasn’t? I’m looking forward to seeing it back now.

United keeper David Forde is powerless to prevent Lee's shot from going in

“I’ve eyed it up a couple of times in my career, usually I shank it, so I was pleased that one went in.

“Accrington away I sliced it, as I've eyed it up and I fancy myself to get one. I’ve always said I’ll get one throughout my career, so I’m glad I’ve gone one now, hopefully there’ll be a few more.”

On his thought process ahead of taking aim, Lee continued: “I just won the tackle, looked up and he was standing quite far out and I just thought why not, give it a go?

"I‘ve hit it well and thankfully it’s gone in.

Olly Lee gets a hug from younger brother Elliot after his wonder goal

“I thought I was quite a way out, sometimes you try these things, they don’t come off, thankfully today was that way.

“I had a good feeling, I’ve hit it sweetly, but I just thought knowing my luck it will bounce and hit the bar or something like that, so I was delighted when it went in.”

Lee celebrated by making the A sign for his young son Alfie who was in the stands too, saying: “I gave a little A to little Alfie.

“He hasn’t been to a game since I last scored, so it was nice, my lucky little omen.

United keeper David Forde is powerless to prevent Lee's shot from going in

"He’s going to have to come to every game now, he’s a little legend and I did it for him.”

Younger brother Elliot Lee was also on target with two magnificent strikes of his own, volleying in with his left foot and then blasting home from 20 yards, but even knew he would be usurped on this occasion.

He said: “I can’t even bring him down on that one I don’t think, it was unbelievable.

“I think we all know he’s got that in his locker.

Olly Lee gets a hug from younger brother Elliot after his wonder goal

"He told me he was going to try that this season and today as soon as if left his boot I knew it was in and was off celebrating.

"So credit to him, he puts in the hard work every day, it’s been brilliant to play with him and what a goal from him.”

Meanwhile, hat-trick hero Danny Hylton admitted that the club's goal of the season award has been settled even before December.

He added: “You can close that competition now, the two brothers were trying to have a goal of the season today, they were having a little competition amongst themselves.

“Olly has got tremendous ability, he does that, but we’re not too surprised.

“Although it’s a wonder goal, if there’s one person you want the ball to fall to in that position, it’s Olly Lee, as he’s a great technician and I was delighted to see it go in for him.”