Blues appoint McLoughlin as chairman

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Dunstable Town have appointed a new chairman with former director of football John McLoughlin taking over from Roger Dance.

Announcing his role on the club’s website, McLoughlin wrote: “After some weeks of discussion I have been asked to become chairman of Dunstable Town Football Club.

“This is a great honour for me and accepting the position was never in doubt.

“I must first express my gratitude to Roger Dance as he allows me to step into his shoes as Chairman of DTFC.

“Without Roger there would not be a football club and so as long as I carry on with everything I have learnt from him then I cannot fail.

“DTFC has asked Roger to become our new president as we do not want to lose his talents, connections and knowledge.

“Knowing Roger as I do he will still want to be involved in the background to make sure we continue to strive for 

On his plans for the club, McLoughlin continued: “As for the future I am not going to try and reinvent the wheel or fix something that is not broken.

“DTFC is a strong and successful club and my role is to ensure that this success continues.”

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