Hatters chief hits dead end with fixture scheduling complaint

Luton chief Graeme Jones has been forced to admit defeat in his attempts to register a complaint about the fixture scheduling that saw his side play away games on Wednesday and Saturday last week.

Friday, 1st November 2019, 3:39 pm
Action from the Hatters' 2-1 defeat at Birmingham City on Saturday

The Hatters visited Fulham and then Birmingham City in the space of approximately 60 hours, beaten on both occasions as they were one of only two sides who were made to play on those days.

Fellow Championship new-boys Charlton Athletic were also in action at the same time, as they travelled to Bristol City and West Bromwich Albion, picking up a point for their troubles.

However, when trying to make his disappointment known to the Football League, Jones said: “I spoke to Chris Clark the club secretary and there’s supposedly not a function in the computer that computes a Tuesday and a Wednesday correlation for a Saturday game.

"So we were victims of those circumstances which is still very, very disappointing.

"I still haven’t got over that if I’m honest with you, but we’ve had a fresh week to work, so there’s no excuses.

“I think it’s something they’re looking into in the future, but that was the reply we had, there’s not a function on the computer that measures whether the team plays Tuesday or Wednesday.

"It’s just you’ve got four Tuesday games, you’ve got four Wednesday games and you’re next game is Saturday, which I find very, very unfair, and I won’t go away from that.

"But that’s how it is, we've got to get on with it.”

The Hatters will be hit by a similar scenario later in the season, as they go to Swansea City on Wednesday, March 18 and then Leeds United the following Saturday.

On the fixtures, Jones added: “Two small travels, and hopefully we’ll be better for it after this spell we’ve recently had.

"Maybe play two 11s, because we conceded late on, there’s definitely a bearing on that.

“But we assessed everything that went on at the weekend, if James Collins can stretch an extra inch or two inches, we probably win the game 2-1.

"We’re certainly in the ascendancy then, but they’re the fine margins we’re at, so that’s how it is."