Benson wants Town to share the goals around

Paul Benson
Paul Benson

Hatters striker Paul Benson believes the rest of the side need to start chipping in to help out Town’s strikers.

Luton have netted just eight goals in their opening 10 games, with a mere three coming from open play.

Although Benson knows most of the responsibility lies with the attackers, he doesn’t think they should be solely blamed for the lack of firepower so far.

He said: “It’s a tough one as I think personally, the forwards could do with a bit more support when they’re going forwards.

“In the games I’ve seen, sometimes we’ve isolated the forward, so maybe it’s a question of if we can get a few more numbers forward to help out.

“It’s not just as cut and dried as we’re not scoring goals, it must just be a forward who’s not doing it.

“Sometimes you have to look at a bigger picture.

“You defend as a team and you need to attack as a team. We’re defending really well as that’s the whole back four.

“We just need to start attacking a bit better and that’s not just the forwards, that’s everyone all over the pitch.

“It’s something the gaffer is working on as he has pinpointed it.

“The forwards have got to take their fair bit of responsibility for it as that’s what they’re there to do, score the goals.

“Hopefully the season develops as it did last year, so we can have a few more chances and be a bit more ruthless.”

Hatters have been improving in front of goal in recent weeks, creating plenty more chances than in their opening few games, particularly in the 0-0 draw at York.

Benson continued: “Certainly I felt against Cheltenham we did a lot better, and at Cambridge too.

“It is going the right way, but one of the hardest things to do in a game of football is score a goal.

“It takes a lot of work and a lot of effort. We got there last year and hopefully we’ll get there this year.”

The striker is hoping to be involved this weekend as Hatters head to Stevenage in a derby fixture and on the test the hosts will provide, he added: “It’s always tough there, especially under Graham Westley as he gets them physically fit and ready for the games.

“It will be a battle first and if we can win the battle, I think we’ll win the game as we’ve got some talented players and once we get on top, I think we’ll come out on top.”