Bradley: Hatters squad want Mick Harford at Kenilworth Road forever

Head of recruitment named Nathan Jones' assistant at Kenilworth Road

By Mike Simmonds
Friday, 5th June 2020, 8:10 am
Mick Harford celebrates beating Portsmouth with Sonny Bradley last season
Mick Harford celebrates beating Portsmouth with Sonny Bradley last season

Luton skipper Sonny Bradley wants to see club legend Mick Harford remain at Kenilworth Road for the long term.

The 61-year-old has had a number of roles since Bradley joined in June 2018, starting as head of recruitment and then taking over as manager once Nathan Jones left to join Stoke City in January 2019.

He reverted back to his recruitment role once Graeme Jones was appointed in the summer, then named relationship manager between the board, staff and the playing squad on football matters once Jones left during lockdown.

With Nathan Jones now back in charge, Harford has become assistant until the end of the season, a move that Bradley and his team-mates were clearly in favour of.

He said: “We want Mick to be there from now until the end of the season, next season, the season after that, we want Mick there because we know how much he brings to this squad.

“With Mick assistant manager now and Nathan as manager, if they can work together which I know they can because they’ve worked together in the past, then we can get a successful team again, I have no doubt about that.

“What Mick’s done for this football club in the time that I’ve been here – I know he’s been brilliant in the past – but since I’ve been here, he’s been outstanding.

“We will be forever grateful for what Mick his done."

After Graeme Jones left in April, then it was Harford who stepped up to lead the club's return to training when it happened last month as well, with Bradley saying: "Mick has been there every step of the way.

"Last week he took training, Mick was there overseeing everything and that’s the way we wanted it.

"This football club and the players do owe a lot to Mick for what he’s done, we’re very thankful and we just want him to be there now for the next nine games.

"Whatever happens, whatever division we’re in next season, we want Mick there."

During lockdown, Bradley revealed that Harford has been there for the players if ever they needed to have a chat about how things were going in these unprecedented times.

He added: “Obviously, he couldn’t do too much because of the lockdown measures, but Mick’s the sort of man that you can pick up the phone and just have a conversation about anything.

"He rings me every week, and we just have a conversation about what’s happened in our lives in the last few days.

“It doesn’t always have to be about football, that’s what Mick does and that’s what he brings to the table.

“I’m pretty sure he has that relationship with everybody at the football club, every player.

“It’s always nice to know that there is somebody there on the other side of the phone that you can speak to with any of your problems.

"The physical side and the training he has overseen and been involved with but, more importantly, he has been there as a friend, really, who we can speak to and take advice from.”