Cambridge knee slide saw Hylton earn an ear-bashing from his angry wife despite scoring a hat-trick in 7-0 win

Forward reveals just why he celebrated in such a manner

By Mike Simmonds
Thursday, 30th June 2022, 2:15 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th June 2022, 2:42 pm
Danny Hylton on the ball against Cambridge United back in November 2017
Danny Hylton on the ball against Cambridge United back in November 2017

Ex-Town striker Danny Hylton revealed that the now iconic knee sliding celebration during the 7-0 win over Cambridge United back in November 2017 earned him a severe ear-bashing from wife Kelly after the game.

A match that had everything saw Olly Lee score from inside his own half, brother Elliot adding a double, the first of which was a truly magnificent finish, plus Hylton himself netting a hat-trick.

However, most people will remember that when Lee somehow managed to lift his shot over David Forde from what was a different postcode and run off to the touchline to celebrate, Hylton chose that moment to slide on his knees towards the U’s keeper and pick up a booking from referee Nick Kinseley.

After the game, and ecstatic due to his treble, Hylton was quickly brought back down to earth when travelling home, saying: “When I go on to the pitch I’m not quite sure what happens, it’s like something comes over me.

“I just remember Olly scoring and I was so excited that he’d scored, and literally I couldn’t tell you what came over me and I just made a beeline for the goalkeeper.

“What I actually first thought was, I thought he could have played me in because I was on the left side, and then when he shot I thought ‘that’s going in, but if it comes off the post, I’m going to follow that in and hopefully get a tap in’ or something like that.

“Once I’d started running, it was too late to stop then so I thought I’d knee slide.

“I remember the keeper kicked me when I’d done it, and it really hurt, then I remember getting in the car after the game with my missus and kids, and she was so angry with me.

“She said ‘what were you doing?’ And I was like, ‘what do you mean?’

"Because I was all delighted because I’d scored in a game that we’d won.

“She said ‘why do you always have to...?’ and she gave me a bit of a telling off in the car.

Cambridge keeper David Forde can only watch as he is beaten by Olly Lee's shot from inside his own half

“She put a bit of a downer on it for me, but it was a fun moment.

“I apologised to the Cambridge keeper, but the Luton fans loved it and it’s a moment they still talk about now, so it’s just another moment in my Luton career.”

Hylton also admitted that his family are yet to take to the new that he won’t be running out at Kenilworth Road again having left for Northampton Town last week.

He added: “They loved coming here and it’s nice when they come and watch games.

"They’re not quite happy yet about leaving, so I’m going to have to try and buy them over with a new shirt or something.

"But they’ve loved coming and running around on the pitch after games.”