Captain Cuthbert warned to cut out the errors once and for all

Scott Cuthbert pulls Swindon striker Keshi Anderson back on Saturday
Scott Cuthbert pulls Swindon striker Keshi Anderson back on Saturday

Hatters captain Scott Cuthbert has been told in no uncertain terms to cut out the mistakes that are threatening to blight his Luton career.

The Town centre half saw red on Saturday after just half an hour for pulling Swindon striker Keshi Anderson back as he looked odds on to score, giving the Robins a penalty.

Anyone that makes individual errors and a number of individual errors, has to stop that, otherwise it’s going to cost them their career.

Scott Cuthbert

It’s the fourth spotkick that Cuthbert has conceded in his last nine games, after being wrongly adjudged to have handballed at Mansfield recently, plus the matches Blackpool and Morecambe towards the end of last season.

When asked if he had spoken to his skipper about the incidents, Jones said: “Totally, because I thought he was excellent, for 32 minutes he was excellent on the weekend.

“We asked him to be aggressive, asked him to be on the front foot and he was. He won every header, didn’t allow (Luke) Norris any space in any kind of way and the one time that he has a split decision and that’s it, that has to be eradicated.

“I’ve spoken to him about that and it’s not a secret, not something I came out in the press and say and you get vilified for, its plain and simple.

“He’s key to us as he’s a big leader. He’s aggressive and at this level you need that aggression and that dominance in both boxes.

“But anyone that makes individual errors and a number of individual errors, has to stop that, otherwise it’s going to cost them their career, it’s going to cost them their place and ultimately cost them their career, at whatever football club they’re at.

“Because they can’t do it, it would have cost me mine if I made errors.”

It’s not just Cuthbert that Jones has brought the issue to the attenton of either, as he admitted the whole squad had been spoken too, with Luton constantly being undone by mistakes at the back.

He continued: “We’ve actively said it. We have open meetings about what can we do, because we do good work, we believe in the work we do, we do lots of structural work, so when that falls down, it’s got to be something to it.

“Very rarely we don’t work hard enough as they’re a good, honest group so I’ve got no questions with that.

“Sometimes little things, little decision making things, we don’t quite do this, don’t quite do that, and even the games we’ve lost this season, one’s been down to because we went down to 10 men and one’s a 93rd minute (at Barnet), when a little lapse of concentration and then probably their one and only chance they scored from.

“So it’s not a disaster, but we realise we need to tighten up.

“I want to eradicate silly errors, want to eradicate these things, as they’ve been the downfall of us.

“At no point since I’ve been here, Portsmouth are as good a side we’ve played, but at no point have we been outplayed by a team, at no point have we been on the back foot for the whole game, but we give teams a chance and that’s got to stop.

“That’s an individual concentration, it doesn’t matter what work we do, that’s an individual concentration and decision making process.

“We have to cut that out as that’s been the downfall to us in terms of drawing games, we don’t lose too many games, but we’ve drawn too many because of that.”

Although there was some debate at the time as to what Cuthbert had done, it was clearly a shirt pull on the Robins forward and Jones had no complaints after a second viewing.

He added: “It’s very difficult to defend. From video evidence, there’s a few images on social medial of him pulling his shirt, from actual video stills, it’s inconclusive, but he didn’t complain too much and I spoke to Scott about it as that kind of thing has to stop.

“It’s out of nothing and it’s an error, an instinct and an impulse which has effectively cost us the game.

“I think the game would have been very salvageable if we’d kept 11 men, but down to 10 you find it very difficult.

“We learn from it and fortunately enough, it’s early on in the season and we can correct that.”