Edwards not expecting a busy transfer window at Luton after witnessing Town's squad in action first hand

Luton boss Rob EdwardsLuton boss Rob Edwards
Luton boss Rob Edwards
Hatters chief will only act if the right player becomes available

Luton boss Rob Edwards isn’t anticipating a busy transfer window at Kenilworth Road, as he doesn’t want to upset the spirit within the current squad that has lifted Town to sit just outside the play-offs on goal difference.

Having replaced Nathan Jones back in November of last year, Edwards had time to work with the group of players he inherited due to the World Cup break, before coming back with a 2-1 defeat at Middlesbrough in his first game.

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Since then though, Luton have claimed nine points from nine, beating Norwich City, QPR and Huddersfield Town during a fantastic Christmas period, climbing back up to seventh in the table.

Although Edwards didn’t rule out any additions to the squad in the next month, he doesn’t think a huge amount are needed, saying: “I think the key thing for us, coming in six, seven weeks ago, it was getting to know the lads.

"Now I’ve got to know them I’m really, really happy with them.

"They’ve shown us a lot, they’ve got fantastic spirit, great work ethic, an honesty, but they’ve got a lot of quality.

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"I think you’ve seen that within the games, there’s been moments and the goals have highlighted that, some of the goals that we’ve scored, so I’m delighted with the group that we’ve got.

"I don’t envisage us having to do loads and loads of business to be honest as I don’t want to upset the rhythm and the spirit that we’ve got as well.

"That being said if there’s an opportunity to bring a player in we think improves us and helps us, then it’s something we can have a look at as well.

"But I will really, really stress that the group that we’ve got here and they are showing it as well, are a really good group.”

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On how the club go about setting out their transfer targets behind the scenes, Edwards continued: “We try and work together on it.

"We have a meeting every week, myself and the recruitment guys.

"We all talk about it, talk about what ifs, talk about certain targets, areas that we think, ‘right that’s an area we feel we want to try and improve in.’

"Lots of conversations are very regular, so we’re all on the same page.

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"It’s certainly an inclusive thing, something we’re all involved in and not one individual.”

Meanwhile, Edwards hasn’t been surprised with just how good a group of players he has at disposal, as he added: “Not particularly, I expected it.

"I’ve seen them live a few times before we came in, spoken to a lot of people, watched a lot of videos and have seen it every day.

"They've been fantastic to work with so far, its been really early days of course, but nothing has surprised me as I know it about them.

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"We see it all the time, they’ve just been brilliant to work with and they've got to keep that going, that’s the challenge. We all have.

"We’ve got to keep pushing them, they've got to keep pushing us, we’re all in it together to try and keep improving.”