Ex-Hatter Feuer urges Luton fans to get behind Sluga

Former Hatter Ian Feuer
Former Hatter Ian Feuer

Ex-Hatter Ian Feuer has urged Luton fans to get behind goalkeeper Simon Sluga and the rest of the players during their start to the Championship campaign.

The former goalkeeper, who began his career at Belgian side Club Brugges, himself had to adapt to the English game after signing for West Ham United in 1994 from Los Angeles Salas.

He then arrived at Kenilworth Road in 1996, Town shelling out £580,000 for his services, Feuer going on to make 115 appearances for the Hatters, until returning to New England Revolution in 1998.

Writing in support of Sluga, who has received criticism on various social media sites for his performances so far, and the Hatters side, Feuer said: “I haven't been able to see all of the games but I have seen the comments on social media regarding the team as well as Sluga and he is struggling to find his form.

"I know it’s hard but the only thing we can do is trust the manager, the squad and the people in place to get it right.

"There are so many factors that go into the decisions made for every game. This season we have to except that it will be a grind and every game will be difficult.

Town keeper Simon Sluga

Town keeper Simon Sluga

"Let’s get together and support the sh*t out of the Town next game!!!!!

"You are all the best supporters in the world!!!!!

"Let’s make this weekend special and cheer the team on like we have never done before!

"Let’s also get behind Sluga and see if we can help him find the goalkeeper we all know he is!

"Let’s give him the biggest cheer he has ever heard when he steps on the field this weekend!!!!"

When asked about the comments, Luton chief Graeme Jones said: “It’s a big thing life as a goalkeeper.

“As a goalkeeper, you are on your own at times.

"You’re judged on your errors and its not easy as you’ve got to pick yourself up sometimes and deal with it, but I think he’s a strong character.

“The fact that he’s a Croatian international definitely helps, but it’s nice to get that support from the outside as well from a goalkeeper that knows what it’s about.

“But Simon will be absolutely fine, I’ve got no doubt about that.

"He’s in a period where he’s settling into the country, settling into the Championship, but he is settling in, as he’s got better every game and that’s the only measurement I look at."

Sluga has had plenty of work from his four appearances so far, making 10 saves, with Town facing 18 shots on target.

Jones said: "It shows we need to stop some shots as well, but I think we are very front foot.

"We like to attack and that’s probably a representation of that rather than Simon Sluga, but he’s been busy and I think he’s done absolutely fine.

"We’re talking about a real small error on Tuesday night that left a little bit of a bad taste in a performance that was excellent overall."

Finally, Jones also felt that blaming Sluga entirely for the Wednesday winner in midweek was tough, adding: "It's very harsh.

"There were four mistakes for the goal, Martin Cranie decided to go back on the line when (Steven) Fletcher is in the air, because he’s seen that header headed back across the keeper before rather than go to the man.

"That’s a decision that you have to make in a split second, and we get punished for it.

"I think we're getting close to a positive result and a positive feel about everything we do, and that’s the psychological aspect that I speak about.

"I’m really optimistic about the game at the weekend and we’ll have to see where that takes us."