Happy Hatters hail patient Kenilworth Road supporters

L13-1190  5/10/13  MBLN
LTFC v Halifax.
wk 41 MW JXL13-1190  5/10/13  MBLN
LTFC v Halifax.
wk 41 MW JX
L13-1190 5/10/13 MBLN LTFC v Halifax. wk 41 MW JX
The support from Luton loyal fans played a key part in Town’s terrific 4-3 comeback victory over FC Halifax Town on Saturday according to their players, writes Mark Wood.

Despite trailing 3-1 midway through the first half, there were virtually no grumbles from Town’s home fans as the Hatters launched a memorable fightback.

And their steadfast support was much appreciated according to match-winner Alex Wall, who said: “It helps so much, the fans are so important to us on the pitch, it really lifts us.

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“And obviously from coming 3-1 down you wouldn’t really blame them for moaning. But they got behind us today and it shows what we can do.

“To come from 3-1 down and win 4-3 and we can share the excitement with the fans.”

Skipper Ronnie Henry clashed with a fan following Town’s last home match against Lincoln City.

Once again Luton had come from behind to triumph and goalscorer Andre Gray believes that incident has had a positive effect.

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He added: “I think the whole situation that happened when we were last at home with Ronnie, I think the fans have got behind us today and I think maybe previous weeks they would have booed us and started moaning after 3-1.

“But it was great for them to stay behind us after that. Even though we went 3-1 down I didn’t hear anyone booing, they carried on cheering and I think it shows how much they can have an impact.

“And obviously when we got the second goal they got behind us even more and then the third, that’s what we need.

“We’re going to go down at times and concede goals, but as long as they stay with us through the whole 90 minutes then we’ll win more than we lose.”