Hatters boss eying up goal rush

John Still
John Still

Hatters boss John Still wants his side to buck their trend of 1-0 victories, starting against Oxford United this afternoon.

All three of Luton’s League Two wins this season, Carlisle, Cheltenham and Cambridge, have come courtesy of single Mark Cullen’s strikes

When asked if he would be happy if that stat was to continue, Still said: “No I wouldn’t be, I’d like to convert more chances.

“Sometimes you can get carried away with what people do in training and what they produce on the pitch.

“You can have great trainers and not great players and vice versa.

“In case of the front people we’ve got, I’ve seen Mark Cullen for 18 months, he’s a great trainer and a good player, so we’ve seen his capabilities.

“It’s the same with Paul Benson, I’ve known Paul for however may year and he’s another one, a good trainer and a good player.

“So we know that what they produce on the training field they can produce in games.”

Although Town have only scored six goals in the league so far, the boss is confident that will change with the players he has at his disposal.

He continued: “Andre (Gray) last year wasn’t very, very good in training and it was hard to find a place in the team for him as we didn’t see anything that showed me he was ready.

“But gradually we saw it in training and started to see it in games. I think Paul, Mark are both people who have always scored.

“Ross Lafayette too, albeit it lower has scored goals, Alex Wall has scored goals, so sometimes it doesn’t quite happen then it works out.

“All I know is the front players here look sharp in training, finishing well in training.

“The reason we weren’t scoring early on is I don’t think we were creating enough chances.

“We’re getting more now and we just need to keep working and if people have that technique, that commitment and desire to get in the box, as they did last year, normally one follows the other.”

Clean sheets aren’t proving a problem for Hatters now as they had kept three successive shut outs as Still said: “We haven’t really conceded goals this year, two at Accrington and two at Shrewsbury, while a couple of the others were mistakes when we weren’t quite right.

“But we’ve worked really hard as we always do on all sides of the game and it’s been okay.

“We don’t look suspect and that’s always a good thing to have as we saw last year with so many clean sheets.”

Finally, Still wants to see a improved run of form at home, as Luton have lost two matches already in front of their own fans, although did beat Cheltenham last time out.

He added: “I think if you’re going to lose, lose away. Your home, that’s where you want to perform to your absolute best.

“You don’t want to lose anywhere, it’s tougher away, of course it is and I just think with the support that we have behind us and the way that we can play, we’re more than capable as we showed last year of putting a decent run together.”