Hatters boss highlights ‘genius’ of Eric Morecambe

Town boss John Still praised the ‘genius’ of comedian Eric Morecambe ahead of Luton’s trip to his birthplace this afternoon.
The iconic Eric Morecambe statueThe iconic Eric Morecambe statue
The iconic Eric Morecambe statue

The entertainer was born in Lancashire in 1926, before moving to Luton, where he became arguably the Hatters’ most famous supporter.

Today’s game will be played for the Eric Morecambe Trophy and on his own personal memories, Still said: “He was a genius. I saw something on TV, two or three Christmases ago and they were talking about the Morecambe & Wise show.

“They said that comedians of that time, they were just funny people. They didn’t tell jokes, they just had a way of being funny, simplicity is genius.

“People would say that about Frankie Howard, it was just how he is, he’s just a funny person and geniuses have a way of putting things over.

“I think even my kids and their kids will grow up knowing about Morecambe and Wise as they’re always on telly.

“Some things are timeless, you can watch them forever and Eric Morecambe was timeless.”