Hatters boss takes the positives from 'excellent' Sluga performance at Hillsborough

Simon Sluga saw this throw lead to Sheffield Wednesday's winner on Tuesday night
Simon Sluga saw this throw lead to Sheffield Wednesday's winner on Tuesday night

Luton boss Graeme Jones was quick to point out the positives when asked about keeper Simon Sluga’s display at Sheffield Wednesday last night.

The record summer signing was on top form in the first half, commanding his box with real assurity, distributing the ball well, while making one flying save from Kadeem Harris as well.

He continued to impress after the break, until eight minutes in, when a quick throw out wasn’t collected by Ryan Tunnicliffe, as Jacob Murphy pounced, his cross headed back by Steven Fletcher for Harris to prod home the only goal of the game.

After that Sluga’s confidence didn’t appear dented in any way, while he even tried to play a part in snatching the team a late equaliser, going up for a corner in stoppage time.

On the goal, Jones said: “That comes a lot from training.

“I don’t mean with us, but when we signed Simon he was a real counter-attacking goalkeeper, so they train every day to catch a ball and then quickly get to the edge of the box and look to play.

“It’s not always on and in the British game we’ve just been under the cosh a little bit.

“Matty heads the ball back and sometimes you need to read the tempo of the game and we’ve spoken about that a lot.

"But I’d rather take the positives of what Simon did because I thought he was excellent again.

“Ultimately, it wasn’t down to him.

“It’s a throw out, Ryan stands on the ball, I think, I thought I saw it on the big screen, but we’re getting punished for everything.

“We’re getting closer as well, so you’ve just got to keep believing.”