Hatters CEO: It was a unanimous decision to reappoint Nathan Jones

Sweet confirms all board members were in agreement

By Mike Simmonds
Friday, 29th May 2020, 8:53 am
Updated Friday, 29th May 2020, 9:08 am
Hatters boss Nathan Jones takes training at the Brache once more
Hatters boss Nathan Jones takes training at the Brache once more

The decision to reappoint Nathan Jones as Luton Town manager was a unanimous one from the club's board according to Hatters chief executive Gary Sweet.

Yesterday morning saw Jones unveiled for the second time as Town chief, taking over from Graeme Jones, who had his contract terminated by mutual consent last month.

However, the return to a manager who had left the club in controversial circumstances back in January 2019 when he departed for Stoke City was by no means plain sailing, as the manner of his exit had quite rightly upset a number of board members, it coming days before a crunch clash with Sunderland.

Chairman David Wilkinson expressed his disappointment publicly, writing in his programme notes shortly afterwards: "I would just like to wish him well and add my thanks for the work he did and the team he helped to create.

"However the timing and manner of his departure sadly showed that he is not the man he professes to be."

But Sweet admitted that was now water under the bridge, as the club went back to the man who is statistically the most successful manager in the Hatters' League history, saying: “There are eight members of the board and before Nathan and I started the process of re-engaging, there were a varying array of opinions about Nathan’s departure, back then.

“So, some were more difficult than others, but we don't do anything of this kind of magnitude unless it's unanimous.

“There are no members of the board who do not agree with this process and with this decision and there are no members of the board who aren't fully committed behind Nathan’s appointment.”

Jones himself knows that he will have to rebuild his friendships with everyone at Kenilworth Road, including the board, but made it clear that's what he intends to do.

He said: "I had wonderful relationships with every single human being at Luton Town, from the cleaners, to the people that make the tea, to the kitman, to the groundsman.

“Every single human being at Luton Town, I had a good relationship with, I took time with, I built relationships with and I cared, genuinely cared about them.

“You lot (media), no matter how stern you look in this interview, I had good relationships with you.

"I made sure I gave you things that would make your job better, easier, more entertaining.

“So, yes, when I betrayed that it was difficult times, it was a hurt, but I will build those relationships back up because I had a fantastic relationship with the board.

“I never asked them for anything if it wasn't necessary to take us forward.

"They gave me everything I asked for, so it seems unfathomable why the decision was made (to leave), but I want us to look forward.

“It's an exciting future because it always had been at Luton.

“It's a rollercoaster, it's a great club with volatile fans who are brilliant.

“People behind the scenes love the club. They had a manager that loves the club, now they’ve got him back.

"So, I want us to look forward, to the short-term first.

"To not overstep our mark, to not take giant leaps and then we go forward to the medium term when we establish ourselves.

"This is a wonderful football club with a wonderful group of players, and I've held my hand up but now I want to re-establish that.”