Hatters CEO ready for some 'difficult seasons' until Power Court is built

An artists impression of how Power Court might look
An artists impression of how Power Court might look

Luton Town will face a number of ‘difficult seasons’ until they are finally in their new home at Power Court according to chief executive Gary Sweet.

The Hatters have planning permission for a 17,500 all-seater stadium, plus a mixed use scheme at Newlands Park as well, after both applications received the green light earlier this year.

Building work is yet to start on either project though just yet, with Sweet calling for patience

Writing in his pre-Middlesbrough programme notes, he said: "If we want to avoid becoming another Bolton Wanderers (insert the name of any other club of the many in current turmoil), to compete at this level, we need to operate creatively, intelligently, boldly and bonded together, all singing from the same hymn-sheet!

“We must establish different methods of creating our unique competitive edge, that do not necessarily rely on brute financial muscle.

“We firmly believe there is a better, less irrational, less egotistical way to climb this pyramid and one we’ve been practising and refining since we returned to the Football League.

“Lutopia – The Luton Way – is something we’ve been brewing for some considerable time.

“A method of sustainability and progression which slowly brews the ingredients of our culture (indeed, cultures as a harmonious plural) in the pot with our ambition and principled position whereby we need to feed into our environment more than we take from it.

“To accomplish this, our most difficult season in the Championship will be this one and then every season while we remain at Kenilworth Road.

“Unity and patience will be required from everybody now and beyond, certainly until we make our move to Power Court, which will provide a more financially sustainable and competitive football club than Lutonians have ever witnessed.

“We will experience teething problems and growing pains, but this is progress.”

With the Hatters back in the second tier of Englishb football after winning League One last year, the CEO knows the division is a world away from their last time at this level over a decade ago.

With a whole host ex-Premier League clubs in the mix, Sweet knows it is a different ball game with the current financial guidelines in place.

He added: "Whilst we re-enter the same league as our historical expectations would perhaps justify, we certainly do enter a very different, more difficult, competitive arena to the one we left in 2006/07

"We enter a world where as many as a third of our competitors will be in receipt of dozens of millions of pounds of parachute revenue from the Premier League that is creating a staggering diversity ratio in wealth between clubs.

"We enter a world where, according to the Financial Fair Play laws laid down by the authorities, a financial loss a pound less than £35 million is considered to be a successful benchmark!

“We, on the other hand, remain insistent that it is sheer madness to target our success baseline on anything other than a break-even profit and loss account.

“And due to these financial malfunctions, we enter a world whereby at least three clubs have sold significant assets to themselves in order to disguise their breach of Financial Fair Play regularity.

“In other words, losing a mere £12m per year isn’t enough to gamble on the dream of the apparent utopian paradise of the treasure chest provided by Premier League membership.”