HATTERS CHATTER: Luton fans give their view on 2-1 defeat to Cardiff City

Town supporters react to weekend loss

By Mike Simmonds
Monday, 29th November 2021, 4:41 pm
Updated Monday, 29th November 2021, 4:48 pm
Hatters lost 2-1 at home to Cardiff on Saturday
Hatters lost 2-1 at home to Cardiff on Saturday

Luton produced a desperately poor performance as they were beaten 2-1 by Cardiff City on Saturday.

The visitors took the lead through Rubin Colwill's 10th minute goal, levelling the scores just after the hour mark through Jordan Clark's first goal of the season.

However, Sean Morrison headed home with 13 minutes to go to seal victory for the Bluebirds, as reacting to the contest, Paul wrote: "The mantra is we’re an aggressive front foot team, and yet we played 3 centre backs and Rea at home to a poor side

"We’re an aggressive front foot team and yet Cardiff’s centre back was so unthreatened he waltzed into our box unmarked to score in open play

"This looked like it was going to be a fun season, a squad built to play 433 with CMG, Jerome and Muskwe replacing Cornick, Fred and Adebayo after 70 mins whenever possible - it may have won some and lost some but it would have been aggressive and front footed.

"The lack of bravery comes in not sticking with that idea.

"Overthink team selection against QPR, Stoke and Cardiff, try to match up… lose without throwing a punch!"

Meanwhile, on Twitter, @dickiedosh said: "To be fair to Cardiff unlike many of our recent opponents at Kenilworth Road, they showed a decent intent to try and win the game.

"After our equaliser they got back on the front foot and most sides wouldn’t have had 3 players in the box looking to attack that cross

@LouTunwin: "If asked beforehand how many fans would've agreed that dropping Lansbury and Campbell would make us braver, stronger? Puzzled."

@adam_cumberland: "This season we have had more poor games than good games and we have felt like we should be getting more points in majority of them.

@diver993: "Sounds like a nightmare Nathan. Keep fighting to keep them in the division.

"Accrue some money and maybe we can bring in some better quality in front of goal.

"Keep smiling. I can see you are working under almost impossible conditions,"

@outofbounds58: "I think teams have looked at videos of our games such as Coventry and figured us out, ie tightly mark in midfield to stop the through ball.

"This has nullified us we don’t have a back up plan.

@Banquo1972: "We need to shake it up a bit. We are looking like a side devoid of ideas.

"This could be a big slump unless we can grind out a win soon.

@RobertS07150929: "NJ admitting he picked the wrong side was an honest statement.

"Happens all too often for my liking."

@upthehatters: "Bree and Pelly well off, long ball seems the default style and no decent striker on the bench.

"Too slow in the counter and we need someone who can take a free kick.

"Nothing to panic about, but a poor run at the moment needs arresting.

@BuddhistMatt: "Fair play to NJ. It’s a learning curve and he admits his mistakes.

"He’ll learn from these and we’ll be a better team for it.

"We’ve progressed every year since we been back in the league.

"Frustrating that we can play some fantastic football.

"This run will change and we’ll be back in form.

"Couple of wins again and we’ll be amongst it. COYH !!!!!"

@PhilipW15449921: "It was pretty clear early on in the game that the team selection wasn't working and we looked clueless in the first half.

"Even in the second half after we had a good 15 minute spell and equalised we frustratingly handed the initiative back to Cardiff and got punished for it.

@JamesBu81097356: "We're losing games not because other team better but they want it more and do the basics 1 point from 4 games 1 goal in 4 games.

"3 centre backs and let 2 goals in from crosses the at the moment they're not doing the basics."

@mikedoney: "I imagine most had already gone home the weather is awful first half, Sluga threw the ball further than kicked it, bit of a clue.

"Second half we were ok ish at best. Then a sucker goal again we are weak against a cross in."

Meanwhile, on Facebook - Andrew Hill said: "If he’s going to be bold and brave with his team selection then start picking some of the talented youngsters we have.

"They are hungry for it and deserve the chance. There’s 19 year olds playing in the Premiership so..."

And Steve Dolan added: "I'm over in Ireland and immediately said I didn't like the line up.

Not enough guile and creativity.

"Line up was never going to threaten Cardiff who we should have put to the sword.

"Sometimes there's too many players to choose from.

"You don't see Liverpool chopping and changing unless it's necessary.

"Let opposition worry about us."