HATTERS CHATTER: Luton fans give their view on stunning stoppage time 3-2 win over Bournemouth

Town supporters and players react to last-gasp victory

By Mike Simmonds
Monday, 17th January 2022, 5:35 pm
Updated Monday, 17th January 2022, 5:36 pm
Luton boss Nathan Jones celebrates his side's win over Bournemouth with a Hatters supporter
Luton boss Nathan Jones celebrates his side's win over Bournemouth with a Hatters supporter

Luton added another chapter to their history on Saturday with a superb 3-2 victory over Championship leaders Bournemouth.

Having led 2-0 through Lloyd Kelly's own goal and Allan Campbell's drive from distance, the Cherries hit back twice in the second period to draw level.

However, Kal Naismith fired home with the very last kick to set off scenes of utter jubilation at Kenilworth Road.

Writing about the win, Dennis Ward said: "Last week I said Cam & Amari should have been subbed at half time so perhaps they were just “Ring Rusty”.

"Cam in particular was what we expected from him when he first signed.

"Amari was on it from the start along with the rest of the team.

"Dodgy officiating helped get B’Mouth back in along with classic Stacey play.

"4 pts off the Top 2 says we can make the Playoffs as long as we can replicate against Teams of our own stature, "Teams like Luton”

"Great finish that’s up there with a certain Littlewoods Cup win COYH."

Meanwhile, on Twitter - @price_hatterbt: "What a game!! Edge of seat stuff.

"So proud of everyone and great to see Mick there for a fantastic win!"

@darrenjamesweir: "I would say that is the best end to a game ever…

"90+7 Winner against prima dona ex premier league (but also ex very poor league 2 side).

"Yes even better than the Keith Keane Korner … but only just….. COYH."

@PhilipW15449921: "This was a very special moment seeing Nathan slide down the touchline when the winner went in. I'll never forget it!

"It was one of the great moments in last 20 years. We all went berserk in the Kenny.!

"Felt incredible as it hit the net. One of the most uplifting moments I can remember for a while.!

"Also felt very emotional!"

@darrenjamesweir: "Hope the PC architects were there today… good luck trying to replicate that!!"

@m8rk_newman: "Kal Naismith is quickly becoming one of my favourite Luton players ever."

@mikedoney: "Seen some corkers over the years that was up there with the best!"

@OliRichards1: "Always remember a gutts last minute winner v Northampton as lifting the roof off but today was something else. Bodies everywhere."

@paddybrennan: "Very shortly after he hit the corner I yelled "THAT'S GOING IN!!" - potentially my only accurate football prediction."

@W9Hatter: "Brilliant today, top drawer, never gave up that’s why ‘we love you Luton’!"

@nptomlin: "Its a shame for Campbell. His strike was incredible but I've only watched it twice.

"Naismith knew what he wanted to do and executed it perfectly. What a goal x."

@lewzton: "How quick is James Shea, to get there to celebrate the quick I reckon he would have passed Bolt on the way."

@Richbow79: "I don't have the words, just the feelings."

@richyhardy: "One of the special games that will live long in the memory. File it in the KR Hall of Fame."

@MISTERPDW: "In a word. Delighted.

"The whole team put a big shift in for 90 minutes, to go toe to toe with a very good side takes maximum effort and application.

"Delighted for everyone involved. As the away game at Bournemouth proved, you don't always get your just rewards in football."

@damo_blow: "As always, sat next to my Mum in the Main Stand, her look of sheer shock and enjoyment makes it worth the effort, year in, year out.

"Heard the story today of how she met my Dad for the 1st time on the football train to Bournemouth, back in about ‘67.

"Memories are made of this."

@beenascoreboard: "Why are we ever leaving this place no other football ground in world football has a home atmosphere like the Kenny."

@TrondheimHatter: "Luton won against both refs and bournemouth today.

"Well deserved win and kept it going for 97 minutes!"

@Mikey_Hatter: "Not such a donkey now ay... A few people that sit around me eat massive humble pie on their early thoughts on Naismith."

@mikedoney: "Everybody I speak to thinks the world of the guy (Naismith) he is mustard."

@GrazVegas80: "Many performances that were very tidy and very professional today.

"Bradley and Burke at CB, Campbell at CM, Jerome up top, Shea's willingness to come out and claim, all helped the team to overcome Bournemouth.

"Naismith and Elijah get a lot of praise and rightly so, but this team!"

@Dunkm97: "Think most folk in Scotland know how good Allan is.

"Was unreal for my club Motherwell for years. Lanarkshire Kante!"

@Hatmanphil: "In the words of Keith Allen “we’re gonna score one more than you, (2 in actual fact but who’s counting).

"Bigger they are the more enjoyable it is (not that they are bigger but recent history would tend to suggest they have been playing a higher level…but who cares)."

Town's players and staff also got involved on social media, as the main man himself Naismith wrote on Instagram: "What a day, there’s no better feeling.

"Delighted for everyone. Buzzing for @allancampbell6 what a strike."

Amari'i Campbell: "That was an entertaining one, gave it our all right until the end and got the reward."

Allan Campbell: "What a feeling!"

James Shea: "Incredible win yesterday!"

Sonny Bradley: Right up there with all the other special days at the Kenny.

"Proud of our club, as always."

Head of physiotherapy, Simon Parsell: "What a day and result. Still buzzing from the atmosphere."

Head of sports science, Jared Roberts-Smith: "No league game in 33 days.

"Everyone has worked hard behind the scenes to stay ready with today’s challenge on the horizon.

"Endeavour, resilience, never say die attitude, every man a credit to himself.

"Proud to be a part of this group and represent a top footballing organisation."

Ex-Hatter Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall added: "Thee composure, the finish, what a player."

Striker Cameron Jerome was given his first start in the Championship since October, and the experienced forward impressed Town supporters with his efforts.

@brennans12: "I know Naismith gets all the plaudits but Jerome had his best game for Luton today."

@LTFC_Dave: "I was very dubious about him starting (although appreciate there's a lack of viable alternatives) but he really did well."

@espionaricpoet: "Credit where credit is due.

"Fantastic effort and performance yesterday.

"Those two are a handful for anyone when on song in the championship."

@petenemeth1989: "Run his socks off and put them under pressure all game.

"Watching the goals back, his celebrations for every goal show how much he cares.

"Sometimes players who are nearing the end of their career show little interest in the progress of the club they’re at."

@BuddhistMatt: "Few shirt grabs, kept chatting away at Kelly and Cahill.

"The looks at the lino’s. Put himself about, hassling their defence. Best game he’s had so far."

@GrazVegas80: "Yes, Jerome looked very sharp, tracked back really well throughout, deserved a goal for his performance.

"I like him."

@hatterscrypto: "Bournemouth certainly didn't enjoy playing against 2 big centre forwards."

@LutonTownExile: "Very astute decision to start him. Very astute signing all round."

@weejpw: "Needs to chip in with some goals. He's played well in the games I've seen but has missed some glaring chances too. Bottom line is strikers need to bag some goals. I'm confident he will."

The highlights have been doing the rounds on the internet too as when asked how many times they had watched the Naismith goal, now with added Titanic music for good effect, @MrsMcGoo83: "I've watched it at least 6 times this morning."

@kellyroofing1: "My wife missed the game, she’s only watched it once .

"Me on the other hand , I’d say at least 30 views still bring goosebumps and a massive smile."

Luton had a goal controversially disallowed for offside too, Jerome's strike chalked off after the officials looked to have been influence by complaints from the Bournemouth players and backroom staff.

@0190dw: "But wasn't first time in game they did that.

"Its embarrassing accept the decision and move on. If on other foot I wouldn't want us doing that.

"A captain should be only one over there asking the question if need be."

@LutonAnalytics: "Have always said they should be mic'd up for transparency.

"I think that's one of, if not the only, decision I've ever seen changed in that way at Kenilworth Road."

@KevinSCrowe: "The lino didn’t give it, so what changed?

"Whole thing sets a dangerous precedent if they’ve listened to someone watching on TV somewhere. Never seen anything like it."

@GaryMardle: "Maybe Parker didn’t see his whole defence run and surround the linesman.

"Was bad, Sky didn’t show the shenanigans and if they had I think there would’ve been a lot more fuss.

"Whether they got to the right decision or not officials shouldn’t look like they are being bullied."

@AdamDriscoll92: "They may have come to the right decision but the referee had no interest in going anywhere near the linesman until Cahill and co threw their toys out the pram.

"Referee showed a loss of control by allowing that to happen, so have to disagree with Parker here."

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Andy Wheeler: "Naismith with hair has more skill than the bald Naismith we signed #JustSaying."

Steve Dolan: "2 best players on the pitch are Jan window signings.

"Thought Adebayo was head and shoulders above anyone on the field."

Annie C Taylor: Amazing!!"

And Yvonne Dodds: "What a great game. Well done boys!!"