HATTERS CHATTER: Luton Town fans react to Blues stalemate

Thoughts from Hatters supporters to opening day goalless draw

By Mike Simmonds
Thursday, 4th August 2022, 12:00 pm
Luton fans get behind their team during Saturday's goalless draw with Birmingham City
Luton fans get behind their team during Saturday's goalless draw with Birmingham City

Luton began their 2022-23 Championship season with a goalless draw against Birmingham City on Saturday.

Taking on a team who had won 8-0 on aggregate during last season’s matches, Town had the better of things when taking on a Blues team who were clearly happy with a point, but couldn’t find that all-important goal.

Reacting to the contest on social media, @chrisnev166 tweeted: Think we were the better team but didn’t really create any chances.

"Wasn’t at all helped by their time wasting breaking up any momentum we tried to get.

"For the ref to speak to captain in the 30th min then not do anything further is baffling!

"Once we gel, we’ll be quality!”

@Harfordisgod: “The fact they started at 15 minutes was disturbing but we can't be holier than thou with their 2nd half game management as we do the same.”

@NytroLTFC: “We played well. Probably had the better chances.

"Just not sure either side did enough to win the game.

"Ruddy had a commanding game for them.

"Will take a couple of games for everyone to gel.

"But lots of positives from the game.

"Freeman looks a player if we can keep him fit.”

@K22TYP: “Disappointed we didn't get the points.

"Birmingham were shocking.

"We should have got more from that.”

@ajfkosovo: “A point is a point and always good to get something from the first game.

"Shame we didn't build on our 1st half dominance though.

"There was some decent football at times and some good individual performances too.

"Onwards to Burnley.”

@FlynnBradleyMMA: “Really encouraging performance that.

"Most teams won’t come and sit 11 behind the ball and time waste almost instantly

“New signings look quality.

"Good start to build on.”

@LeviLTFC: “Didn’t lose against our bogey team, I’ll take that.”

On the Luton News Facebook page, Paul Winston said: “We barely mustered a clear opportunity in nearly 100 minutes a couple more wouldn’t have helped.”

Martin Vick: “The ref was very poor.

"Their goalie and at least two other players should have been yellow carded for delaying restarts at goal kicks and throw ins.”

Andy Gill: “It wasn’t great, but the moaning is a bit cringey.

"I’m not convinced we’d have scored with another 3 or 4 minutes added on!

"Just one of those days. Take the point and move on.”

Mark Dalton: “They were embarrassing, time wasting from 15 minutes in.”

Sam Mayhew: “It used to be called time wasting, now ‘game management’ if it’s an accepted part of the game, ignore and move on, if not 1 warning then a booking would soon put a stop to it.

"I don’t go a game to watch the ball being passed to 4 different people before a throw in or the keeper messing around before kicking 2 yards to defender?

“The amount of stoppage time being played nowadays is ridiculous!”

Chris Checkley: “Ultimately it’s got to be down to the ref to pass judgement on time wasting.

"Sounds like he was not very good!”