HATTERS CHATTER: Town supporters overjoyed by first win at Loftus Road since 1984

Morris at the double and Doughty nets screamer in West London
Rob Edwards applauds the Luton fans after beating QPR 3-0 on Thursday nightRob Edwards applauds the Luton fans after beating QPR 3-0 on Thursday night
Rob Edwards applauds the Luton fans after beating QPR 3-0 on Thursday night

Luton Town recorded a first win at QPR since 1984 on Thursday night, and in some style too, with a terrific 3-0 triumph.

Carlton Morris scored twice, while Alfie Doughty wrapped up the points with a magnificent first goal for the club, as the Hatters ended their previous run of 18 winless trips to West London.

Reacting on Twitter, @DavidChaps: “Superb win to finish the year off - and hats off to Rob Edwards.

"Here’s to 2023 #COYH.”

@Sandra86019703: “He must be buzzing at the support he is already getting.”

@lutonmagoo: “His more positive and attacking style seems to be working for the players & with the results us the fans.”

@MISTERPDW: “Re the new song, hope RE doesn't get ideas from that song and only play Lockyer and Morris.

“Not selecting a keeper or a midfield would be funky, but perhaps not very successful playing two against eleven.

"It would be a very bold strategy.”

@BuddhistMatt: “Fantastic performance by the team last 2 games.

"Every player a part of it.

"Pelly, Campbell, Doughty, Lockyer stand out players for me.

"RE setting up formations to compete and win.

"Standard of football has improved.

"RE speaks very well post match. All positive.”

@GEWhalen8: “Brilliant play the whole night.”

@DAZHATTER: “Last night was amazing.

"I dislike Chair BUT he's a skillful player & I'm glad he was ill.

"Doughty is getting better & better.

“A change of manager can go 2 ways, luckily for us, it seems we've taken the positive path.

"We've got super Robbie Edwards..."

@mikedoney: “Luton’s set up was spot on.

"Many of the team played some of their best football and the press was insane.

"Great result.

"That’s a complete performance really in my opinion.”

@hatters_japan: “Best night!!”

@Sammymorrin1: “Great team performance, great wonder goal and Lockyer was outstanding coyh.”

@JohnCawdell: “Wow. Just wow.”

@uktadpole: “There’s no stopping us now.


@MaxBurrell5: “Good evening in London.”

@greyfriar1224: “What a week!”

@devonhatter: “I’ve never had a good visit to Loftus Road.

"So happy for todays result, watching from Devon!”

@gemsb2304: “What a game.”

@renster157: “So proud of this team.

"A squad of lower league players and free transfers competing for a place in the Premier League for a second season running. #coyh.”

@JamesHailey1: “Oh my days!

"What a find by Nathan Jones Carlton Morris was!

"Thank you NJ.”