Hatters chief elated to come up with winning formula at Oakwell

Graeme Jones celebrates his first league win in charge after beating Barnsley 3-1
Graeme Jones celebrates his first league win in charge after beating Barnsley 3-1

Luton manager Graeme Jones was thrilled to come up with the right formula during Saturday’s excellent 3-1 win at Barnsley.

Rather the boss the possession stats, as they had done at Cardiff City and Sheffield Wednesday in their last two away matches, this time the visitors managed just 41 per cent of the ball.

However, Luton had 16 attempts at goal, with seven on target, the most they’ve managed on the road this season, noticeably going forward a lot quicker than they had done in recent weeks too, scoring twice inside the opening four minutes, with a third arriving on the half hour.

Speaking about the change in tactics, Jones said: “If you do your work, you analyse every opponent, sometimes you come up with the right formula and sometimes you don’t.

“I just thought we needed to make it a little bit direct, a little bit more penetrating from us and also, it coincided with a mentality as well.

"That was the last little bit we needed, because I've said I'm really pleased with the different styles.

“The learning curve for the boys has been to teach them how to play in different ways.

“Some of the physicality we’ve faced in the Championship, maybe it has been a little bit difficult to go toe-to-toe with them.

“Today I felt we could hurt them, we just changed the game a little bit.

"I like the fact we’ve got different styles, because we’re going to need it, the Championship challenges you that way, so it's really satisfying.”

Although the Hatters led 2-0 after four minutes, Jones admitted he never felt completely relaxed with such a massive amount of the game remaining.

He added: "I'm thinking there’s a long way to go here.

"One goal and we’re suddenly 2-1 and there’s an avalanche here and a momentum.

"You have to manage that momentum, so within the game we managed it really, really well.

"Again, we're learning lessons from previous weeks where we didn't manage the game so well.

"I've said it before, only a fool makes the same mistakes twice and we didn't.

"We were much better in managing the game, not as pretty, but much better."