Hatters fans agree with EFL's decision to keep the season going despite rise in Covid cases

Results from Luton News poll

By Mike Simmonds
Wednesday, 22nd December 2021, 9:08 am
Updated Wednesday, 22nd December 2021, 9:11 am
Luton fans will be allowed to attend Boxing Day's home game with Bristol City as it currently stands
Luton fans will be allowed to attend Boxing Day's home game with Bristol City as it currently stands

Luton supporters believe that the decision by the EFL (English Football League) to keep the season going despite the recent rise in Covid cases is the right thing to do.

A statement released on Monday said: “The EFL have confirmed that its programme of games in the League, Carabao Cup and Papa John's Trophy will continue with fixtures to be played where it is safe to do so, and the set squad criteria can be fulfilled by Clubs."

The results from a poll run by the Luton News on Twitter, with almost 800 taking part, saw 76.6% said it was the correct call, with 23.4% disagreeing.

Commenting on the decision, @MISTERPDW said: "Clubs will always look to keep the season running, as it's a business.

"But would be surprised if restricted attendances aren't bought in soon with away fans banned.

"Trouble is some teams have have played 5 more/fewer games, it would make a mockery of the League."

@Sandyhatter69: "Dont mind one way or the other but wish someone would make a decision.

"Not knowing which games I will be able to attend makes it difficult to plan."

@AnonymousLTFC: "Think they’ll keep the season going but might reduce attendances/go behind closed doors again.

"By no means am I saying it’s the best idea, but that’s just what I can see happening."

@jamiecaines2: "We can’t afford to go behind closed doors again some clubs could go bust."

@Hatter_JH: "What would be an interesting question for Gary Sweet would be - would he rather a 1 month break altogether or Jan to Feb football with no fans…?

@adam_cumberland: "Jan to feb with no fans surely as we will still generate a revenue from match passes?

"Whether we play or not, the players will still be getting paid."

@Millinerstale1: "Wales have banned crowds, we should too for a month.

"We don’t want a fixture pile up but suspect majority of clubs will have an outbreak of Covid in the next few weeks

@Richardkennard0: "Carry on as normal.... same thing could happen next year....and the next....and the next.....and the next......"

@LewisT_Williams: "I don't think clubs can afford to stop it after what happened last season with no fans.

"It will affect more people stopping it.

@telscome_hatter: "Wouldn’t surprise me if this time next year players with positive tests will be able to play.

"We have to learn to live with it sooner rather than later after all.

"Never seen a game called off because of the flu before."

@mpgf1973: "Agree, keep it going (and address low vaccination rates in players) but a two week break without crowds in."

On Facebook, Doris McKinnon said: "Whatever happens "The Club" needs to advise fans who would be attending any of these games a minimum of 24 hours notice before kick off if the game is going to be cancelled as many travel & stay overnight in a hotel."

Darren Brown: "Yes, covid will never stop. We gotta live with it at some point."

Paul Shields: "Yes as previous post this isn't going away we need to accept it and carry on in best and safest way possible."