Hatters Q&A with Shane Blackett

Each month, the Luton News-run fanzine Half Time Orange grabs hold of a player and asks him questions set by Hatters supporters.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 27th March 2012, 4:09 pm

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Q. What was your highest ever league finish and where?

Peterborough United FC, League One promotion as runners-up in 2009.

Q. Who’s your favourite team now and as a kid?

My favourite teams have always been Arsenal and my hometown Luton. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had the dream of playing for Luton at the Kenny infront of everyone I know.

Q. What have your career highlights and lowlights been?

Career highlights have been getting three promotion medals from the Conference, League Two and League One. Another highlight is playing for England C as it felt good to be wearing the Three Lions and representing my country.

I was also called up for a full international World Cup qualifier for Barbados against the USA but was refused allowance to go by my previous club.

The lowlights of my career are the injuries that I have had.

I’ve had some pretty serious ones that have kept me out of the game for some time and it’s the most frustrating thing when your body won’t allow you to do what you want.

Having a serious recurring injury is especially hard to deal with and it can bring you to a low point when the rehab becomes laborious and frustrating.

It’s a testing time that takes a lot of mental strength and determination to see the light and be hopeful that you’ll soon be back playing and not watching games.

Q. What is the squads infatuation with Nandos?

Apart from it being unbelievably nice food, we’ve got an alliance with them thanks to a certain individual.

Q.What is your favourite film?

Jheez that’s hard to pinpoint so I’ll give you a few - Casino, Boyz in the Hood, Bad Boys, Hitch, Lock Stock, Snatch, Gladiator, Toy Story, Heat, Men In Black, Meet the Fockers, American Gangster, Training Day, Dodgeball.

Actually, anything with Will Smith, Denzel Washington or Robert De Niro in it.

Q. What was your best moment playing for Sunday FC Houghton?

Haha doing the pre-match warm up in the car with the heaters on for a game then going out and still winning!

Q. What is your favourite car?

Tough one, it’s gotta be the Bugatti Veyron but the new Ferrari 458 and the new Aston Martin One-77 come very close! Pure engineering at its finest to produce a beast of a car.

Q. Who’s the best PES player at the club?

It’s all about Fifa 12 here. Me, Crowie and Keano like to have little comps and I’ve got the champ medal at the mo but I’ve heard Greg Taylor has got skills too. The worst had gotta be between Godfrey Poku and Charlie Henry - dead players with no numb thumbs!!

Q. Whats on your Skyplus at the moment?

Inside Men, Celebrity Juice, Benidorm, Match of the Day, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Top Gear, Eastenders, Geordie Shore, The Only Way Is Essex, Sun Sex And Suspicious Parents, Take Me Out, Homeland, Gadget Geeks, Fresh Prince of Bel Air. As you can see, I like to watch a lot of telly!

Q. Do you have any pets?

Yes I’ve got a little beast of a dog called Doug, he’s a pug!

Q. What was the last film you paid to watch at the cinema?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Decent film to be fair.

Q. Who has the worst taste in music at the club?

It’s gotta be Alan Neilson. He tries to get his iPod on in the gym but the boys ain’t having it, then he blames it on his daughter putting her songs on it. If you like cheesy pop then he’s your man to socialise with!

Q. Who’s your most famous friend in the game?

Not sure how famous he is yet but Craig Mackail-Smith at Brighton, I’ve known and played in the same team as him for a long time.