Hatters supporters groups blast C&R for 'declaring war on the people of Luton'

Luton Town supporters groups have blasted Mall owners Capital & Regional for 'declaring war on the people of Luton' after they formally applied for a Judicial Review into the Hatters' plans for a mixed use scheme at Newlands Park yesterday,

Friday, 8th November 2019, 9:58 am
Updated Friday, 8th November 2019, 9:59 am
Luton Town fans protest against Capital & Regional back in May 2018

The Hatters' received planning application by Luton Borough Council in March for the development, which is essential to help finance a new stadium at Power Court.

However, C&R have now officially applied for a JR, after failing to get the council to overturn their original ruling, with a judge now deciding whether there is a case to be heard, a procedure that could take up to six weeks.

A strongly worded statement by Tony Murray, chairman of Luton Town Supporters' Trust and Mark Bradbury, chairman of Loyal Luton Supporters Club said: "The gloves are off, C&R. You have declared war on the people of Luton.

"But you will not win. This is our town. Not yours.

"We said we would give Capital & Regional one last chance. And we did. But despite us inviting them to talk to the people of Luton, they have turned their back on the interests of our town and communities.

"C&R have now submitted a formal application for a Judicial Review of the decision by our democratically elected Luton Borough Council to pass the planning application for Newlands Park.

"They want to put a halt to desperately needed regeneration for OUR town so they can continue to line their pockets while the centre of Luton continues to decline.

"We are utterly disgusted by this arrogant, malicious attempt to stand in the way of progress and the clearly declared will of the town’s people, its MPs, its council and its communities.

"None of us will ever forgive or forget your actions.

"C&R’s reputation in this town is now irreparably damaged. And it is all of your own, selfish, greedy and idiotic doing.

"You are attempting to destroy our future. Two can play at that game. And you won’t win. We will."