Hatters trio felt it was a clear penalty

Elliot Lee was brought down against Peterborough on Saturday
Elliot Lee was brought down against Peterborough on Saturday

Luton chief Nathan Jones couldn't believe his side had what he felt was a clear penalty overturned against Peterborough United on Saturday.

Moments before half time, and with the Hatters trailing 3-0, Elliot Lee was brought down in the area by Colin Daniel, with referee Graham Salisbury signalling a penalty.

However, on discussion with his linesman and fourth official, Salisbury then changed his mind, awarding a corner to the Hatters instead, as speaking afterwards, Jones said: “For me and when we’ve see the video, he goes straight through the man to get the ball.

“It’s very rarely that the linesman and the fourth official have overruled the referee who’s in a good place.

“Now I think it’s a penalty, having seen the video evidence, I think it’s a penalty.

"That would have given us a little bit of a lifeline and a little bit closer to them in the second half, but I can’t defend that first half performance as out of possession we were very poor.”

Posh boss Steve Evans saw the incident differently though, saying: "I was pleased we had a strong referee today.

"I’ve seen all the decisions back on video and ours was a definite penalty and if their’s was a penalty we might as well all give up the game.

"A younger referee wouldn’t have changed his mind, but Graham sensed he’d made a mistake and came to the right decision in the end.

Striker Danny Hylton, who had already picked the ball up and was ready to try and score from the spot, insisted it was a definitely spotkick too, saying: “Did they have VAR over there today?

“You don’t often see the ref change his mind, but he’s gone over to the linesman, the linesman’s changed his mind.

"El said it was definitely a penalty, the analyst said it was a definite penalty.

“He’s got El’s foot and then the ball, the linesman changed his mind, so we’ll have to watch it back and make our own minds up.

“We can’t do anything about it now, it would have been a nice chance to get back into the game, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

Meanwhile, defender Sonny Bradley added: “We should have had a penalty at the end of the first half, it looked a stonewall from where I was.

“It looked like the boy won the ball, but he went through the player first.

“I thought it was a clear pen, the ref was in a great position to give it, gave it and then I think it was actually the fourth official (who overturned it).

"As I spoke to the referee, he said it was the fourth official, who was in a worse position, he’s radioed through to the linesman and told the linesman that he’s won the ball.

“So a bit of a comedy at the end of the first half, but it is what it is.

"We went in 3-0 and then second half, we completely dominated possession but the game’s gone, lost.”