Heed confirm Barrow is on the mend

Gateshead defender Scott Barrow collides with keeper Dan Hanford
Gateshead defender Scott Barrow collides with keeper Dan Hanford
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Gateshead have confirmed that defender Scott Barrow is back home once more after being taken to hospital during the non-league side’s 5-0 defeat to Luton in the FA Cup yesterday.

Barrow collided with keeper Dan Hanford in the build-up to Olly Lee’s opener, the home full back knocked unconscious, requiring over 15 minutes of treatment before being taken away in an ambulance.

However, the Tynesiders have since tweeted that the 29-year-old has been given the all clear, as on the incident, Jones said: “It was a collision between the two players, the ball’s run free, it’s gone to Olly Lee, he’s put the ball in the net, then when the referee’s seen something could be more serious than just a collision, it’s caused a long delay.

“All our thoughts go to the boy, we hope everything’s okay, but there’s nothing that could have been done on the day, no-one could have done anything different.

“It happened so quickly, it ricocheted out, it looked like it was just an innocuous collision, and we’ve put it in within seconds.

“Then the gravity of the situation became more apparent, we hope he’s fine, hopefully it was just a collision.

Then the gravity of the situation became more apparent, we hope he’s fine, hopefully it was just a collision.

Nathan Jones

“What happens is sometimes when people go off on stretchers and there’s oxygen, these are all precautionary things, so hopefully it’s not as severe as that.

“We’ve lost (Scott) Cuthbert who’se been stretchered off and we’re really worried about him, next thing you know he’s break dancing on Saturday night, so hopefully that’s the case with the boy.

“Obviously the paramedics and the first aid have to take these precautionary things and when someone goes off on oxygen on a stretcher you fear the worst, but hopefully in god’s will, everything will be okay.”

Tynesiders boss Steve Watson, also speaking straight after the final whistle, admitted it had been tough for his players, saying: “All I know is that he’s up and about, he’s conscious again, which is good and he’s getting the tests done.

“I’m sure his family and all his team-mates, us as staff and all the supporters wish him all the best and we’re all waiting for the positive outcome.

“When you see someone unconscious for that amount of time and an ambulance coming on to the trackside, it does put things into perspective about the importance of your health, so that’s where everyone’s minds went for that moment in time.”

Team-mate JJ O’Donnell, who was coming up against his old club, is a flat-mate of Barrow, as on trying to keep his thoughts on the game, he said: “What happened to Scotty, it’s not nice seeing.

“The game goes out the window because you’re worrying, I live with Scott, he’s a great lad and heartbreaking really to see him laying on the floor.

“I ran over straight away and he just didn’t move, you think is he all right? The main thing is him and it’s just a shame we couldn’t get a result for him and get a replay for him.”

Meanwhile, goalscorer Lee conceded he hadn’t been aware of the circumstances when putting his side into the lead.

He added: “It was unfortunate. Hopefully the lad’s all right, there was a mix up with the goalie and the defender, it came out to me and I’ve just slotted it in the back of the net.

“I had no idea what was going on to be honest, the ball came back to me, I just took a touch and put it in the back of the net and then you ask questions later, so I was pleased to get the goal and get us 1-0 up.”