Jones accepts boos from Town faithful after Luton fall to dismal Blues defeat

Hatters chief Graeme Jones had no qualms about being booed off by home supporters during the 2-1 home defeat to Birmingham City this afternoon.

By Mike Simmonds
Saturday, 11th January 2020, 6:35 pm
Updated Monday, 13th January 2020, 12:22 pm
Under-fire Luton boss Graeme Jones
Under-fire Luton boss Graeme Jones

The Luton boss was jeered as he went down the tunnel following a desperately poor performance from his side, as they suffered a seventh defeat from eight games in all competitions and are now without a win since early December.

Speaking afterwards, Jones said: “One thing, they’ve got every right as we’re on a run of a number of defeats, absolutely every right.

“But I think if anybody was a football man, you could see we were short today and as I’ve said, over and over again, we need our best players on the pitch and we need to get some new players in to have a chance of competing at this level.

“I don’t blame the supporters, you get beat again, especially today at home, they’re allowed to vent their frustration.

“At the minute, I’m not doing a good job, the players aren’t doing a good job, you have to hold your hands up, but we’re under enormous financial restrictions in terms of attracting people to the football club and that’s the truth.”

When asked if he was worried about the sack, with Town bottom of the table and in danger of being cut adrift, four points from safety, he continued: “I never think about that (losing my job), all I think about is the solution.

“Believe me, I had a question the other day about why do you change the team so much? Because I’m trying to find a solution, I know what the problems are because I work hard to try and find solutions and today, me, the players have failed.

“I don’t think about anything else, I certainly don’t think about losing my job, I think about working harder, I think about finding solutions, and the confidence to do that.”

Jones, who had shaken his head when walking off, did admit it had been hard to hear the frustrations coming his way from home supporters.

He added: “What’s really, really difficult is when you dedicate your whole life to the job, you spend 12 plus hours a day at it, you sleep with it on your mind, you work seven days a week and you give everything you’ve got and our rewards from football is nothing, it’s not romantic at all.

“But I know the game and I know the industry, and as I’ve said the supporters have got every right.

“I’ll never drop my standards, never, but it’s other areas we need to work hard in like trying to get some new players in to help and trying to get our best players fit and on the pitch and that’s where we are.”