Jones: Approach has been made for assistant boss

Hatter boss Nathan Jones with goalkeeping coach Kevin Dearden and first team coach Kevin Nugent
Hatter boss Nathan Jones with goalkeeping coach Kevin Dearden and first team coach Kevin Nugent

Luton Town boss Nathan Jones has revealed that an approach has been made for an assistant manager to join his coaching staff at Kenilworth Road.

Since Jones took over last month, former number two Terry Harris has left the club, along with first team coach Hakan Hayrettin, with the new manager bringing in just Kevin Nugent last week.

“We’re prepared to wait a little bit for him, because in the long run he’ll be worth it.”

Nathan Jones

However, he confirmed there will be another addition to his backroom staff, saying: “There’s one more we’re looking to bring in, an assistant manager, we’ve spoken to someone about that role and are happy with that person.

“It might take a bit of time, but we’re happy with the candidate and we’re prepared to wait a little bit for him, because in the long run he’ll be worth it.

“That’s the staff in place then. The club has been very good in terms of bringing people in I want.

“They asked me to evaluate the coaching staff here, but am happy with staff here, there’s some good workers here, some real good people and you want a bit of continuity at the club.

“It’s not just all new, I want to do this, want to do that, no, you need that continuity because Luton’s a good club and has good people.

“I was a product of that at Brighton where manager’s had to inherit me because the club believed in what I did so I know the importance of that first hand.

“We’ve got some gooduns here and I’m pleased with how staff have responded. There’s a good work ethic and I think we have a very healthy staff and will have probably one of the strongest staff’s in the division.”

Jones brought in Nugent last week after he left his role as assistant boss at Leyton Orient and on the appointment, the Luton chief was pleased to finally have an extra pair of hands on board.

He continued: “It’s good, it’s settling down a bit now. It was a manic, crazy two weeks as you come in, trying to do so much yourself and things haven’t really settled down.

“This is a big club, there’s lots to do, we’ve got a big squad, we had to evaluate, move one or two on, so it’s nice to get people in place.

“Kevin’s come in, I know Kevin, trust Kevin, he knows the level.

“It’s just nice to have your people in, nice to have people around you that you can delegate to, and not have to take everything on board.

“Because I do long hours anyway, but the fact that you have to take on extra responsibilities as well, adds that little bit of workload.

“It’s nice to have Kevin in for lots of reasons, he’s a positive influence.”

When asked how he knew of Nugent, Jones added: “I’ve played against Kev for years, had huge respect for him as a player.

“We have mutual friends and I spoke to Kevin lots of times about football, people like Russell Slade who I played under, had him as an assistant (at Orient).

“I could have brought in a lot of people you know, lots of people would have liked that job, but I wanted someone I could trust, someone who’s a good coach, good at his job.

“I like coaching myself, but I need a supplementary coach really that can do stuff.

“Kev knows the level as well as he’s a hard worker, watches games, been at this level for years and the level above.

“So he’s just someone that ticked all my boxes and criteria. I didn’t want to just bring in a friend as at the end of the day, friends are good, but are they good at what they do?

“So I wanted to bring in someone who was very good, and someone who I can trust and Kev’s all of those.”