Jones is confident he’s the right fit for Luton

New Luton Town boss Nathan Jones
New Luton Town boss Nathan Jones
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New Luton Town boss Nathan Jones is confident that he is the right fit for the club after being unveiled to the media at Kenilworth Road this afternoon.

The 42-year-old was handed his first managerial role when he was appointed Hatters chief on Wednesday evening, leaving his position as Brighton & Hove Albion first team coach.

“I think we’ve come to an agreement and think we’re a good fit, so I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Nathan Jones

On just what attracted him to the club as well, he said: “There are lots of things, the main thing is we’re on the same page on where we’re looking to go and what we’re looking to achieve.

“It’s a forward thinking club, I’m a forward thinking manager, I like to think I have certain attributes which could take the club forward.

“They were the kind of attributes that the club were looking for, I think we’ve come to an agreement and think we’re a good fit, so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

“I’ve had aspirations of being manager for a long time, but it’s getting the balance of when you’re ready, getting the right opportunity and taking that opportunity.

“I’ve worked with some fantastic managers, at some real good clubs, learned quite a lot and now is the time that I’m ready.”

Hatters chief executive Gary Sweet felt that they had the right man to take the club forward too after John Still was relieved of his duties last month.

He said: “Initially, we knew in order to get out of the Conference we weren’t going to be playing Mick Harford, Paul Walsh, Brian Stein-type football.

“It was going to be a case of winning games in almost any ways we could, and that meant that where we wanted to eventually go, we needed to have a bit of a step change in how we do things, re-establishing our footballing culture, to kind of map a bit of the business culture we’ve got here, which is a hard-working ethic and being honest, and just having a little bit of courage about the things we do here.

“We do that in the business and now we’ve got to try and do that on the football side of things. So we hoped that John (Still) would probably take us another step further, that didn’t happen, so we had an option of either bringing in a manager that could just take us that step further or take the opportunity now to effectively restructure and rethink the way we do things and that’s what what we’ve done.”