Jones is still looking to add to his backroom staff

Gary Brabin is one of the new members of staff this season
Gary Brabin is one of the new members of staff this season

Luton boss Graeme Jones is still looking to add one more member to his backroom staff for the Championship campaign.

The Town chief brought in James Redden from Tottenham Hotspur today as his new head of sports science, making it a host of new arrivals behind the scenes at Kenilworth Road over the summer.

Gary Brabin has returned as assistant manager, while Paul Benson, Kevin Reeves, Adrian Forbes and Imanol Etxeberria have all been employed in various roles too.

However, when asked if that was that, Jones said: “No, I wouldn’t say that, maybe one more, but they’ve got to be the right people.

"We can all employ anybody, but the right people who can contribute.

"I keep speaking about contribution of players, staff and everybody, you have to contribute.

"That’s the game we are in, so we’ll keep looking, we’ll keep being open-minded and see where we are.”

When asked if he would specify what role the new man will take up, Jones added: “No, not really. I’m aware of what I want, but it just takes time with certain people’s situations.

"We are strong as we are, that’s the most important thing.

"We’ll only be adding to what we’ve got, so we’ll see going forward.”