Jones left 'angry and distraught' as wasteful Luton are held by Cheltenham

Luke Berry gets a header in against Cheltenham
Luke Berry gets a header in against Cheltenham

Hatters boss Nathan Jones admitted that the manner of this afternoon’s 2-2 draw at Cheltenham Town left him feeling ‘distraught’.

Luton were just seconds away from winning the fixture 2-1, until keeper Marek Stech needlessly gave away a corner that was eventually bundled over the line by defender William Boyle.

A bitterly disappointed Jones said: “I paint the picture of they’ve got nine six footers in their team, every time it goes dead it goes in your box.

“So we had to ride the storm, not ride a storm as they didn’t really, but every time it goes out of play, it goes in your box.

“So we knew we’d have to do that, and what we said was just be clinical.

“What we do when we have opportunities and counters, take them, and we could be out of sight.

“If we did that we would have been, as we had enough clear-cut chances to have won the game comfortably.

“Then my pre match thing, are we better than last year?

“And it’s the same mistakes as last year, as the 90th minute or 95th minute, Marek has a goal kick, kicks it straight down the middle, when we’re all lined up over here.

“They’ve got an opportunity to put it in our box, no threat, he drops the ball out, then we don’t defend a corner, then we end up 2-2.

“It’s so disappointing, because that’s happened against Blackpool (play-offs last season) and football’s like that.

“But just see the game out, see the game out and we didn’t do it enough, we haven’t got that killer instinct, and that’s what really disappoints me today, because in terms of our play Maidstone had less chances than us last week and won 4-2 here.

“If we’d been any amount of clinical edge to us, we’d have been out of sight and that would have been a consolation but it wasn’t.

“Credit to them for keeping going late on, but I’m angry and I’m distraught.”