Luton boss hadn't wanted to make a big thing about Cornick's lack of goals

Harry Cornick heads home Town's equaliser on SaturdayHarry Cornick heads home Town's equaliser on Saturday
Harry Cornick heads home Town's equaliser on Saturday
Attacker off the mark for the season against Wigan

Luton boss Rob Edwards revealed he hadn’t wanted to harp on to striker Harry Cornick about his search for a first goal of the season ahead of the forward getting off the mark during Saturday’s 1-1 FA Cup third round draw with Wigan Athletic.

Since taking over from Nathan Jones, Edwards had started Cornick twice in his first five matches, the 27-year-old coming off the bench once as well.

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He hadn’t found the net though, extending his barren run to 18 matches, before that all changed at the weekend when he met Carlton Morris’s cross to direct his header into the net via the post.

However, Edwards had been keen to not make a big deal of it beforehand, saying: “It’s something that I haven’t spoken to him about as I try not to.

"If you talk about things like that you can put too much pressure on then it becomes a thing.

"The lads know if they haven’t scored, or scored as many goals as they have done the year before, so they don’t need someone else saying it and making a big thing out of it.

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"But it’s nice for him that, it will be good for confidence and we’ve had lots of different scorers over the however many games we’ve been here, so great for forwards certainly to score.

“It’s great for Corns, he’s a brilliant lad to have around the place.

"He’s always laughing and joking which is great, you need that energy, but he works extremely hard.

“He got a start, so he’ll be pleased with that, and he was one of those who really grew into the game.

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"A fantastic goal, well worked, good from Carlton and a lovely finish as well.”

Cornick's strike was the only one Town managed on the evening, as despite having over 70 per cent possession in the 90 minutes, visiting keeper Ben Amos had a fairly quiet time of it.

Although the hosts sent a number of crosses into the area, particularly during the second half, they were more often than not cleared away by a visiting defence that had shipped 12 goals in their last three encounters.

Edwards felt his attacking players needed to be more ruthless, adding: “I think at times, and I’ll have to look at it back to give you specifics as well, but I felt like some of our strikers were being too honest, trying to help when the ball went wide, to try and support, but then it was a case of lets just simplify it, lets cross it in and have strikers in the box.

"So I’ll have to look back at that.

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"Sometimes we’re a bit too honest our lads, but some of the play I thought was great.

"Some of the control we had was really good, which Wigan allowed us to have, they were happy to do that, but I thought we looked a threat, without creating that final little bit.”