Luton chief labels Huddersfield fans an ‘absolute disgrace’  following full time pitch invasion

Hatters manager hits out at home fans

By Mike Simmonds
Monday, 16th May 2022, 10:54 pm

Luton boss Nathan Jones labelled the Huddersfield supporters an ‘absolute disgrace’ following their pitch invasion at the full time whistle of the Terriers’ 1-0 play-off semi-final second leg win this evening.

After Jordan Rhodes struck with nine minutes to go, sending the hosts to Wembley with a 2-1 aggregate victory, the home fans ran on to the playing surface after referee Peter Bankes signalled the end of the game.

With the visiting players, particularly Jordan Clark, buffeted as they left the field, the home supporters then turned their attention to the travelling support, goading them, some throwing objects into the away end.

Huddersfield Town fans goad the Luton supporters at the full time whistle this evening

Speaking afterwards, a clearly angry Jones said: “The fans were an absolute disgrace.

"How one of us haven’t been… the stewards, I don’t know why they turned up.

“They were protecting ours, to come on the pitch, but the fans were an absolute disgrace.

“We won’t complain because football fans are like that, some of them are idiots.

“But they didn’t paint Huddersfield Town as a good club, in terms of how they were.

“They’ve won the game, go and celebrate with your players, celebrate something wonderful, instead, they were more concerned with obscene gestures.

“I’ve seen little kids, I’ve seen a mother with a little kid. If that was my wife I’d be disgusted.

“They approached me, abused me and did stuff to me.

"Some were okay, some congratulated us, but they haven’t painted Huddersfield Town in a good light after that.

“But, that’s minor individuals, not everyone would’ve been a pure Huddersfield fan.

"They might’ve turned up tonight because that’s probably the biggest crowd Huddersfield have had this season, some of them might not be true Huddersfield fans, I don’t know.

“I don’t understand, go and celebrate with your players, but they were more concerned with taunting and abusing our fans, and filming it.

“That logic, I don’t get.

“I literally saw a woman, some of the things she was doing, that can’t be northern, surely.”