Luton chief slams Barnsley's players for their 'disrespectful' antics ahead of Adebayo's penalty

Town boss thrilled to see striker power his effort into the top corner

By Mike Simmonds
Tuesday, 8th February 2022, 11:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th February 2022, 11:10 pm
Town striker Elijah Adebayo scored from the spot against Barnsley this evening
Town striker Elijah Adebayo scored from the spot against Barnsley this evening

Luton boss Nathan Jones hit out at Barnsley’s players and goalkeeper Bradley Collins for a complete lack of respect shown to striker Elijah Adebayo when the Hatters were awarded a penalty during this evening 2-1 win at Kenilworth Toad.

With Fred Onyeindma only just on in the second half, the attacker beat Collins to a ball in the area and was clearly fouled by the Tykes stopper for what was an obvious penalty.

The visiting players surrounded referee Andy Davies, with Carlton Morris claiming a mystery handball in the build-up, with Collins the worst protagonist, almost refusing to allow the kick to be taken, standing on his six-yard line while Adebayo waited patiently to step up.

He wasn't shown a yellow by Davies either, with Jones heavily critical of their antics afterwards, plus the time-wasting on show throughout the contest.

The Town chief said: "I thought they were really disrespectful on the penalty and the way they went about it.

"I thought, right from the start, they slowed the game, they took ages and I thought they got away with quite a lot.

“We’re trying to generate a pace and a tempo, because that’s what we like, and I thought they tried to kill that.

“The goalkeeper, especially on the penalty, was really, really disrespectful.

"But, Elijah kept his cool and I’m delighted to see him back with a bang.

“As a referee you have to control that.

"You have to say go, ‘it’s a penalty’. Is it a booking? No. Don’t worry about it, get everyone going, get everyone on the line.

‘If you come off I’m going to give you a booking and if you come off again I’m going to give you another one,’ and off you go.

“Be stern and get it going, because that’s what they tried to do, delay the taking of it.

"Penalty takers think about what they want to do and that’s what unsettles teams.

“It’s gamesmanship, but the referee has to control that I thought they were really disrespectful.

“The keeper took an age with everything, (Mads) Andersen in the second half, must’ve taken about eight minutes for one throw-in. It was ridiculous.

“But that’s sometimes what happens and we’re just happy with the win, so we can’t complain about anything."

With Collins pointing to the corner he thought Adebayo would go, the Luton forward responded by doing just that, slamming into the top corner and giving the keeper, who was eventually booked for complaining afterwards, no chance.

After missing his previous attempt at Nottingham Forest, Jones was thrilled for his leading scoring, adding: "I’m delighted for him.

"He should’ve had one in the first half, it was a stonewall penalty.

"It’s clear and I don’t know how it’s not given.

"But for Elijah to have to keep his cool, go through that process and then to put it away with such quality shows a lot about the kid."