Rooney in no doubt Shakers match-winner is his

Mark Cullen and Luke Rooney celebrate Town's goal
Mark Cullen and Luke Rooney celebrate Town's goal

Winger Luke Rooney was left in no doubt it was his goal that sent Bury crashing out of the FA Cup on Tuesday night, thanks to team-mate Jonathan Smith, writes Mike Simmonds.

The midfielder sent over a teasing delivery moments after half time, that striker Mark Cullen tried to flick on, before it nestled into the bottom corner.

Luke Rooney's cross finds the bottom corner

Luke Rooney's cross finds the bottom corner

There was a moment of confusion as both players celebrated, with Rooney saying: “I think he (Cullen) was trying to have a little celebration so maybe the tannoy man might give it to him!

“But Smudger gave me the good news as he was coming in late to the box and he’d seen the whole ball fly and said no-one touched it.

“It was good news for me, but when it went in, I genuinely thought Cully did get a touch, so I was just as pleased.”

The pair had almost combined in the first half as Rooney’s goalbound shot saw Cullen intervene only to head over as he continued: “I had the hump for about 10 seconds afterwards as I thought it was going in the top corner.

“Maybe the keeper might have got there, but at the end of the day, if Cully gets less contact on it and it goes in, I certainly wouldn’t be complaining.

“That’s what he lives for those little poachers goals and in both examples, if the ball goes into the net it doesn’t matter.”

Rooney had been making his first start since September 6 due to a combination of injury and not being able to force his way into the side.

He said: “I’ve been frustrated the last couple of weeks as I would have liked to maybe been given a chance a bit earlier, but other than that I couldn’t really complain.

“I felt I was doing well at the start of the season when I pretty much was playing most of the games.

“I felt good and then when I got injured, the team went and won something like seven games in a row.

“So you’re not going to get back in straight away no matter who you are.

“As much as it has been limited chances, I don’t think it’s been down to my ability or application.

“I don’t mean to play the violin, but it’s just been a bit of bad luck recently.”

Rooney is out of contract this month and after manager John Still admitted there will be some news this week, the winger added: “I certainly see my future being here, I hope it can get sorted out.”