Smith: It was a massive honour to captain Hatters

Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith

Town midfielder Jonathan Smith admitted it was a huge honour to be named captain for Luton’s 1-0 victory over Bury in the FA Cup on Tuesday night.

The 28-year-old was handed the armband due to Steve McNulty serving a one match ban after being sent off at Morecambe on Saturday.

Smith said: “Steve McNulty is the captain and always will be. He’s done a magnificent job this season, he’s a real leader of the team so I had to take a big job on.

“It was a massive honour to captain such a big football club and I’m proud of that.”

With McNulty missing, then Smith was one of the obvious choices according to boss John Still.

He said: “I think he typified that with his all action display, so it wasn’t a difficult decision.”

MEanwhile, winger Luke ROoney also felt Smith was the best man for the job, adding: “Smudger’s a top man, I’ve known him for a little man as I was with him at Swindon.

“I couldn’t believe with 10 minutes to go, (Jake) Howells got slipped down the left and I’m thinking I should be getting there as I’m in the advanced position where Dukes (Andy Drury) was before.

“And he’s (Smith) come bombing past me as if he’s being chased, so I think that was a great choice.

“Macca was in there tonight though before the game and even came up to me at half time and had a few words in my ear.

“They’re both top people and I think it was a good decision to go with Smudge.”